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Top Stories

ERACISM: Unwanted Latinos deported from Boulder County in the 1930s

By Jefferson Dodge and Joel Dyer

Two days after Latino sugar-beet workers went on a strike in 1932 in the culmination of a protracted struggle for basic rights, Boulder’s county commissioners funded a plan to deport many of them to Mexico. The county paid for train fares as workers were escorted to Denver’s Union Station in what civic leaders deemed as a humane mission to relocate the jobless during the Great Depression.

Christmas for Music Lovers

A whole new world of music opens up as Record Store Day approaches

By Danielle Meltz

Though the market for purchasing and listening to music has largely moved online, hardcore music fans still dedicated to physical records have resisted the move, fetishing the act of collecting vinyl. What used to be a common act of commerce has now turned into a subculture, and like all cultures, it even has its own holiday: Record Store Day, celebrated every year on the third Saturday of April.

Restaurant Review

Won’t you be my neighbor?

The Kitchen Next Door

By Josh Gross

It’s comfort food that breaks neither the bank nor the belt, and that proves a point I’ve long argued for as a food writer: fine food doesn’t require fine dining. You should be able to get a great meal at a decent price in jeans. The Kitchen Next Door shows there’s no reason you can’t afford — or be let in the door — for a good meal.

Weed Between the Lines

Drug-endangered child bill goes way too far

Drug-endangered child bill goes way too far

By Leland Rucker

Testimony was expected this week on Rep. Jonathan Singer’s House Bill 1364, which would add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of debilitating medical conditions for the purposes of the use of medical marijuana.


Time signatures and space

Ars Nova Singers aim for the unusual

By Peter Alexander

Going boldly where few choirs ever do, Boulder’s Ars Nova Singers and conductor Thomas Edward Morgan love to explore strange new worlds of vocal performance.


Filling up

Will Boulder’s latest crackdown on homeless push jail to release some inmates early?

By Michael de Yoanna

Five-hundred inmates is roughly critical mass for the jail. Though the maximum capacity is 540 inmates, the jail faces many problems well before hitting that point. The jail strives to separate certain kinds of inmates, like those with known mental health issues and violent, repeat offenders.


Ill winds paint dusty picture for Colorado snowpack

‘Extreme’ dust-on-snow events increasing

By Bob Berwyn

In the past few years, the desert has come to some ski slopes long before those first snowbirds hit the road, in the form of orange desert dust that coats high country peaks with an eerie tint. The dust arrives on strong southwest winds preceding spring snowstorms.


No time like the present

‘Modern Masters’ a potent dose of the 20th century art

By Elizabeth Miller

An incredible momentum carried artists through the first half of the 20th century, a century in which the human form in paintings first fragmented and then vanished altogether and artists arrived, the century not even half over, at the splatter paintings of Jackson Pollock, the color field works of Mark Rothko and abstractions by palette knife Clyfford Still, not to mention the abstraction-by-repetition works of Andy Warhol and the exploded pop art of Roy Lichtenstein.


Planking into the record books

Local teen defies birth defects, eyes Guinness World Record

Gabi Ury looks, acts, and talks like your typical high school sophomore — sure, at four feet eight inches tall, Ury may not be at the head of her class in terms of height — but the lifelong Boulder resident is on the verge accomplishing something very few can say they have: becoming a Guinness World Record holder. She’s tackling that challenge despite facing significant medical issues that required over a dozen major surgeries throughout childhood.

The Highroad

Let’s cheer for NFL cheerleaders

By Jim Hightower

The National Football League is continuing to run an off-field power play against its valuable female team players. Women on NFL teams? Yes—not running plays, but on the sidelines running the synchronized gymnastics and precision dance routines of professional cheerleaders.


What’s Manischewitz?

The goy’s guide to Passover

By Josh Gross

This week, Jewish people worldwide are celebrating Passover. Though the celebration continues for a whole week, the holiday’s most important meal — the Passover seder — generally falls on the first night. Filled with storytelling, ritual foods and lots of wine, the seder dinner can be both mysterious to goys (non- Jews) and enthralling for all who secure an invite.