All-terrain dog boots


All-terrain dog boots

One solution to the cheatgrass problem for dogs could be Ruff Wear’s Grip Trex Bark ‘N Boots. The all-condition, all-terrain, all-season boots are made for long runs on rough gravel roads and rocky terrain. But I think they’d be pretty good for keeping cheatgrass seedlets from lodging between the dog’s toes and causing problems.


The boots also protect the dog’s feet from impact, which might help older dogs with hip problems. The boots feature uppers inspired by human shoes and a high-performance Vibram sole.

The problem with my dogs would be to get them to wear them without flipping all over the place and trying to get them off.

If your dog is into fashion you can choose between obsidian black or currant red. Price $59.95 (set of four).

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