Doing dad right

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Father’s Day 2010 gear guide

Primus PrimeTorch 801 flashlight Dads love gadgets, aka big boy toys, especially ones they can use. The Primus PrimeTorch 801 is a professional quality flashlight made from aircraftgrade aluminum that will last a lifetime. Featuring a rechargeable battery, the 801 can be plugged into a wall socket or your Suby’s 12-volt outlet to provide up to 35 hours of bright, clean light. Vital item for emergency midnight runs from the backyard campout tent to kitchen for gummy bear re-supply.

Origo Granite Peak Ti watch In Boulder, Pops would rather have one of these bad boys than a Rolex. This is status swag. Loaded with useful outdoor features including a digital compass, altimeter, weather forecasting feature and thermometer, the Granite Peak Ti is an elegant timepiece with a titanium case, mineral crystal face, and durable PU band. It says, “Yeah I’m in line at Pekoe now for a soy chai, but a week ago I was atop a 8,000 meter peak — now where’s the diaper bag, dammit?”

Sierra Designs Campfire Hoody softshell Comfort is the name of the game with the Campfire Hoody. It doesn’t come with s’more aroma, but you can add that post haste. Made with stretchy softshell material, the Campfire Hoody takes the chill out of cool evenings and mornings. Light and packable with a full zip front, the Campfire Hoody will soon become one of dad’s favorites. Dads dig comfort y’all, sweatpants be damned.

Kelty Palisade tent An extra roomy tent with an oversized vestibule up front and unique gear storage spot out back, the Palisade provides base-camp comfort at its finest. Think a tent that actually gives little kids the room they need to roll around — no more waking up with size 5 footy pajamas in your face. Easy to pitch, this unique tent is available in four- and six-person versions, a mondo family truckster with all the bells and whistles that makes Dad feel like lord of the woods. Taped seams, an indestructible ArcEdge floor and, best of all, noiseless zipper pulls so Dad can escape in peace for an early morning pee. That’s living.

Brunton Flip ‘n’ Drip coffee maker Face it: Fatherhood just ain’t doable without java. The Flip ‘n’ Drip gets it done trailside for those who know every barista in town by name. Simply add boiling water to one side of the canister, coffee grounds to the other, invert and you have a doublewalled, insulated mug of coffee.

No need for anyone to flip out about a lack of roasted alkaloids in the wild. Daddy need, Daddy like.