Drink coffee sans grounds


Outdoor adventurers can enjoy instant coffee, minus the irritating grounds, with mugs that have a built-in mesh filter. Simply add hot water and enjoy.

The Vacuum iBottle with Influser from Timolino is a thermal mug with a mesh cap that prevents users from drinking tea leaves and coffee grounds. The iBottle holds 12 ounces and has a double wall insulation meant to keep drinks hot (or cold) for longer.

The iBottle can also be used for daily commutes. When used indoors, the double insulation kept coffee warm for more than three hours. The insulation also meant the exterior was not too hot to touch.

The interior is electro-polished, which is meant to keep the steel easy to clean. The electro-polish also prevents the steel from interfering with taste.

The stoppers and lids are made with non-leaching polypropylene. It has a sip-through lid that is designed to be leak-proof. The mesh cap is removable. All components are 100 percent recyclable.

Available in five colors. —MCT Respond: letters@boulderweekly.com