Everest Death Toll Climbs to 11

photo courtesy of Shutterstock.com

After communications with a camp on the North Side of Everest, Alan Arnette has upped the fatalities for the 2012 season to 11. The climbing blogger recently conducted a phone interview with Jamie McGuinness of Project Himalaya. The details of the two confirmed deaths, and one presumed death, are listed below.

Spanish climber Juan Jose Polodied, age 43, died of exhaustion on May 19 or 20 after his summit. He was climbing with Himalayan Guides.

German climber Ralf D. Arnold broke his leg on the second step after reaching the summit. He was climbing with Monterosa.

Luigi Rampini, a 69-year-old Italian, is now on his fourth night at
8,300 meters without oxygen. He is presumed dead. He was climbing with Monterosa.

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