Roundup: Upgrades to Colo., Wyo. ski areas for 2012-2013

A gondola at Vail
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What’s the second-largest ski resort in Colorado? Who knows?

Vail takes the top spot. After that, it depends. Snowmass is poised to become the second-largest, vaulting over Keystone, if it can resume construction and finish a new addition on Burnt Mountain. The construction’s been blocked since Aspen Ski Co., owner of Snowmass, was sued for taking down too many trees in a roadless area.

The addition of Burnt Mountain to Snowmass is only one of a long list of upgrades and changes to Colorado’s slopes.

Among the other highlights: Vail has installed new 10-person gondolas with Wi-Fi and heated seats. I mean, of course it has.

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