See CU student’s photos of London Olympics

Stephen Kasica | CU Journalism News Service

CU journalism student Stephen Kasica is tweeting photos of the London Olympics, where his girlfriend, Shalaya Kipp, is competing in the steeplechase. Below is a “postcard” he wrote for the CU Journalism News Service.

Dear Colorado,

Got my hands on a style field-manual provided to every USA athlete from
Nike, which designed this year’s Team USA uniform, sweats, and such. In
these 80 pages is bandana-folding instruction, American- flag silk neck
scarf etiquette, and rules against uniform faux pas on the medal stand.
· Tuck and Cover: If the T-shirt falls lower than the jacket, “a simple tuck-in restores the clean flow…” especially on the medal stand.

· Roll Call: Rolling a jacket’s sleeves is permitted in the Olympic Village, but must be down on the medal stand for crispness and formality.

· Zip Code:
Zipping a windbreaker or jacket to the chin looks more intimidating
than a zipper at half-mast with a spread collar. “Zip all the way up to
protect against the elements, warm up or show you mean business.”

· Collar ID: Popping the polo shirt collar “adds a dash of post-prep floss.”

Fashionably Late,

Stephen Kasica

See more photos at Stephen’s Twitter feed.