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Friday, October 19,2012

Jessica Ridgeway: Police release photo of cross left at crime scene

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Photo courtesy of the Westminster Police Department

This story is part of Boulder Weekly's Jessica Ridgeway package.

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Westminster police have released a picture of a small, wooden cross they say might be a critical piece on evidence in the Jessica Ridgeway murder.

Westminster police released the following description:

“Police recovered a wooden cross that is approximately 1 inches tall by 1 inch wide. The cross has a hole drilled through the upper part and appears that it can be or was worn on a necklace. On one side of the cross are three vertical bars etched onto the shorter horizontal section and a zig-zag pattern is carved onto the opposite side. The cross appears to be a solid piece of wood and the upper post portion is offset from the lower post below the short horizontal section.”

Police are seeking information about anyone who wore that cross as jewelry. They also would like information about any local businesses that possibly sell the cross.

The police are looking for a male suspect matching the following description: light skinned, 18-35 years old (or someone who’s appearance with a ball cap may look that age), brown hair, medium build, somewhere between 5 feet, 6 inches tall and 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

Contact the Westminster tip line at 303-658-4336 or email PDamberalert@cityofwestminster.us

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That cross is very similar to one I have seen before on a set of rosary beads I had when I was younger. The beads were also wooden, and I remember rubbing the cross between my fingers as I prayed...


I also thought it was once on a rosary or on a leather necklace. The three hash marks are the Trinity or Jesus on the middle cross and two thieves on their own crosses. It looks like it's one of the many handmade trinkets imported from Israel.I doubt the killer made it.



the pattern seems satanic to me zigzag patern is the sign of satan and the 3 bars might be some kind of coded 666 FFF III the code for the beast



the cross could be from ebay store below, the 3 marks on one side seems original but the s mark looks like it was a later addition and it is a mark of satan, nazi gestapo had it as their symbol and as a roman catholic i was thought it is a satanic symbol




i have a similar cross on a rosary given to me in africa by a nun.

the markings could be african tribal, from the people making them.

marks made before coloring of wood, which is often done by using shoe polish over there, as they do not generally have wood stains available.


I think this identification and clue will definitely make a change in this case. I was waiting for some clues and hinds in this crime scene. I am studying a course on crime scenes. Now it is easy to get the culprit. Meaningful Use Stage 2



So sad to know about the crime scene. The cross seems to be the best witness for this investigation. I have read many reviews about it on payforessaysonline.blogspot.com . Any ways i wish the case would be solved as early as possible.