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Thursday, January 17,2013

New calendar service: Boulder County Events

Boulder Weekly is launching a new presentation of our calendar, Panorama, now known as Boulder County Events. You can view the full calendar here

This calendar includes all of the events in our print calendar, including the Arts, Theater and Words sections. You can search this calendar by event or by location.

We hope you enjoy Boulder County Events!

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I really didn't think the events calendar section could get any worse, and yet you have managed to make it even more unwieldy than before.  Click on "Music and Arts" and get 26 pages of items, not clearly categorized as theatre or live music or art openings, and no way to filter.  Unbelievable.


yeah this new calendar is confusing and really sucks. The old one was simple and easy to find what is going on musically


Agreed. Panorama has been my go-to link for what's happening on any given night. This "new and improved" calendar is new -- but not all change is for the better. Bring back the previous calendar!


This new "calendar" sucks and isn't even worth trying to navigate through. The old Panorama/calendar sucked too. Doesn't anyone at the Boulder Weekly know how to set up a site like this? It might be worth paying a 3rd party to help out with this. It's really lame!


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Theater and Words sections. You can search this calendar by event or by location. get plays on soundcloud


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new calender is difficult to use, is not like the old one



The new calendar is ok with more detail on individual events.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to change days on the calendar or view the whole week?? Am I just missing a button somewhere?


The opening view of the calendar is the Featured Events. Click on one of the event types on the left, or search for a particular venue, to see the whole week (or more, if you keep looking through pages).



I liked the old way much better, this takes too much time especially to look at the full week to plan ahead.



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This new calendar is very difficult to use . Go back to the old one. I guess i will have to use the daily camera from now on. What brainiac decided to do this



No way to view a particular date for a particular area. That's a deal breaker. If I want to go out Saturday night and see music in Boulder, no way to easily see those listings. You need some filtering such as date range, and distance from a location.