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Tuesday, March 12,2013

Theater shooting: Holmes could be given 'truth serum' if he testifies in trial

If he pleads guilty by reason of insanity and takes the stand, Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes could be given a so-called "truth serum" drug that would supposedly make him tell the truth about whether he was insane.

Judge William Sylvester, presiding over Holmes' trial for the murder of 12 people, ruled that prosecutors could administer the drug, which is not specifically named, if Holmes takes the stand.

The idea is that a drug that loosens up Holmes and gets him to talk freely would reveal whether he was of sound mind when he allegedly entered a theater in Aurora, wearing body armor, and shot 70 people. An expert on sodium amytal, a possible "truth serum" drug, said people under its influence are vulnerable to suggestion.

See the story at The Guardian.

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