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Tuesday, April 2,2013

Gun control: NRA again proposes armed guards in schools

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A task force funded by the National Rifle Association has set forth recommendations on school safety and mass shootings, saying schools should train teachers to carry weapons.

The National School Shield Program, which the NRA has poured more than $1 million into, says in its 225-page report that school personnel should carry arms, although it doesn't specify what kind. The head of the program, former Republican congressman Asa Hutchinson, said they could include sidearms, shotguns or rifles.

The recommendations do not mention proposed gun control laws currently in Congress, which could require universal background checks and make gun trafficking a federal crime. Hutchinson said the recommendations for arming teachers would not apply to all teachers, only those interested.

See the story at NBC News.

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This is the MOST absurd and dangerous idea I’ve every heard.  As much of America holds a death grip on their guns, we should be asking why we are so dependent on the idea of protecting ourselves and from what?  We live in a post-9/11 society in which fear is bred 24 hours a day through television and media.  Other countries with similar social structures such as the UK don’t have this problem and don’t have guns in the hands of every man, woman and child.  Read more about Living in a Society of Fear and how we are at War with Ourselves at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/living-in-society-of-fear-ten-years.html


Allowing armed guards in schools might not be the best idea, but at the same time an increase in security must be addressed. Gun control will always be a sensitive subject, one you will definitely come across if you're looking to buy a gun cleaner, but as long as there are people responsible about their guns ownership the law should not be changed.