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Friday, April 26,2013

Best of Boulder 2013: At Home, Furniture, Computers and More

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Clutter Consignment, winner of best furniture store

Bath & Body Shop

1647 Pearl St., 303-442-5164
645 South Broadway, 303-867-3400

Second Place: Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary
Third Place: Lush
Fourth Place: Bath & Body Works
Fifth Place: Sephora

Pharmaca isn’t your average pharmacy. Helpful naturopaths wander the store offering words of wisdom. You may have thought your recent skin issue needed some topical solution, but you end up leaving with a new diet plan or herbal supplement to help combat it. That’s because Pharmaca, while filling conventional prescriptions too, brings its customers a sense of holistic wellness.

Taking second place this year is Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary, where you can find every herb you can imagine, and can even mix your own herbal concoction, with help from attentive staff.


4920 28th St., 303-442-3221

Second Place: Carpet Exchange
Third Place: Go Green Flooring
Fourth Place: Boulder Stove & Flooring
Fifth Place: Carpet Mill Outlet Flooring Stores

These folks must be doing something right. They keep winning the Best of Boulder readers competition. Not only has Atlas Flooring been around for more than a half a century, it also boasts the largest selection of flooring on the Front Range. That might have something to do with its winning streak. So if it’s easier to follow the trails on your carpet than the ones in Rocky Mountain National Park, give these guys a call. Our readers say it’s the right thing to do.

Computer Retail

1755 29th St., 720-479-9451

Second Place: Best Buy
Third Place: Mac Shack
Fourth Place: Costco
Fifth Place: CU Bookstore

If your computer randomly, inexplicably turns off in the middle of your favorite episode of The Walking Dead, it might be time for a new computer. If Macintosh is your brand, the Apple Retail Store, this year’s winner for best computer retail store, is the place to go. Rows of chic gadgets and a knowledgeable staff can walk you through all your technology needs. Not sure of your needs? Take a spin on one of their many computer models to test it out first. If a PC is your jive, stop by anyways, the Apple Store might change your mind.

Flower Shop

2851 Valmont Road, 303-442-6663

Second Place: Boulder Blooms
Third Place: Fiori Flowers
Fourth Place: Lafayette Florist
Fifth Place: Fruehauf’s

Got an anniversary? Better stop by Sturtz & Copeland. Got a big date? Better stop by. Heading to a dinner party with friends? How better to show your appreciation than with flowers? You came home at 4 a.m. a little wobbly and the best you could come up with was, “My cell phone was dead”? You definitely need to stop by Sturtz & Copeland as soon as they open and your head stops spinning. And you better have their helpful staff fix you up with a special, one-of-a-kind creation that says, “You’re special and I’m an idiot.” There are lots of reasons to give flowers, and our readers prefer Sturtz & Copeland for all those occasions.


1909 Ninth St., 303-386-3423

Second Place: Arhaus
Third Place: No Place Like Home
Fourth Place: American Furniture Warehouse
Fifth Place: HW Home

It seems fitting that Boulder would pick a consignment store as the best place to buy furniture. We pride ourselves on minimizing waste and reusing. What better way to avoid materialism and excess than picking up someone else’s castoffs? Who needs to keep up with the Joneses when you can find some gently used treasures another person was ready to part with? Clutter Consignment has a great selection, and voters agree that this is the place to go when you want to save a few bucks on that new (to you) dining room table or unload that sofa you’ve had for 10 years.

Gift Shop

1235 Pearl St., 303-449-5847

Second Place: Bliss
Third Place: Boulder Arts & Crafts
Fourth Place: Jacque Michelle
Fifth Place: Art Mart

When it’s your BFF’s birthday and you’re on the hunt for a honeycomb potholder or a double jigger, you always know where to go: The Peppercorn. The longstanding Pearl Street kitchen-themed mega shop even makes gift-giving easy by allowing couples to add every pot, pan, knife, spoon and corkscrew on their wish lists to a registry. Just down the street is second-place winner Bliss, where Boulderites can find a gift for any occasion among the beautifully arranged, hand-picked and locally made treasures.


2525 Arapahoe Ave., Unit D1, 303-443-1822%u2028

Second Place: The Home Depot
Third Place: Table Mesa Hardware
Fourth Place: Lowe’s Home Improvement
Fifth Place: Guiry’s Color Source

OK, there’s really no question about who is going to win in this category. One time we brought a light bulb for a 1969 film projector into McGuckin Hardware and they totally had that puppy in stock. Another time, when we lost a screw that was crucial to keeping our great-grandfather’s hatchet in place, they carried that too. Simply put, if you can’t find it at McGuckin, it probably doesn’t exist. We are lucky to have such an amazing store in our midst. Take advantage of it. Even if you are missing a spoke on your ancestor’s covered wagon wheel, they just might have it.

Home Furnishings

1235 Pearl St., 303-449-5847

Second Place: Clutter Consignment
Third Place: Concepts Furniture
Fourth Place: American Furniture Warehouse
Fifth Place: HW Home

Imagine your dream home. Outside is a big, perfectly blue pool surrounded by a patio with a barbecue and comfy lounge chairs. Just inside the house is a vast kitchen, with an island and a convection oven. A wine fridge lines one wall, adjacent to the bar stool-lined counter. Now imagine your dream home filled with all the beautiful furnishings you can find at The Peppercorn. Yep, that vision is exactly what inspired Boulderites to give the Pearl Street shop top honors in the home furnishings category. Coming in second place is Clutter Consignment, where you can find hot items for a low price.

Hot Tub/Jacuzzi


2347 South St., Boulder, 303-443-0821

Second Place: Mountain Mist Spas
Third Place: Heat Wave Stove & Spa
Fourth Place: Quality Pools and Spas
Fifth Place: IHT International Hot Tubs

The immortal Big Punisher once declared, “I’m in the hot tub, poppin’ bubbly.” Want to know why the rapper was in the hot tub? Because hot tubs are a relaxing luxury item and status symbol, that’s why. Our readers think Mr. Pool, Inc. provides the best hot tubs around, and though you probably won’t be surrounded by R&B singers and music execs should you get one, you’ll reap the same wonderful physical benefits Mr. Punisher was so excited about. So get a hot tub and some beverages, pour one out for Big Pun and make like you have a record deal.

Kitchen Supplies

1235 Pearl St., 303-449-5847

Second Place: McGuckin Hardware
Third Place: Sur La Table
Fourth Place: Savory Spice Shop
Fifth Place: Bed Bath & Beyond

Considering The Peppercorn started out as a cooking school and kitchen-supply store 36 years ago, it should come as no surprise that the now-booming shop is Boulder’s favorite kitchen outfitter. From mixers and juicers to spatulas and cookbooks, The Peppercorn has got you covered. Just about any item you need for cooking, baking, mixing, decorating or dining is available at the shop, which is also the go-to spot for hard-to-find specialty kitchen equipment and local flavorings. Our runner-up is McGuckin Hardware, which has an extensive selection of kitchen supplies, as well as everything else under the sun.


1945 28th St., 303-413-1314

Second Place: Verlo Mattress Co.
Third Place: Urban Mattress
Fourth Place: Boulder Furniture and Mattress
Fifth Place: Mattress King

Kids, we recall the last time we bought a mattress, and it was awesome. After all, in what other shopping process can you go from store to store, repeatedly lie down on beds, and not have an employee give you the evil eye? Totally relaxing. Everyone should try it, and make sure you make it last, trying lots of different stores and beds. But you will likely end up going with Denver Mattress, according to our readers. Usually, they are right. Roll on down to their 28th Street location and start getting horizontal. Nests are important. So find the right one.

Moving Company

520 Violet St., Golden, 303-344-9911
536 W. 67th St., Loveland, 970-686-6683

Second Place: Taylor Moving
Third Place: Berg’s Small Moves
Fourth Place: Boulder Valley Transfer
Fifth Place: A Boulder Moving Co.

Surveys routinely rank moving as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, up there with enduring a death in the family, going through divorce or disarming a nuclear bomb on a nosediving plane. Fortunately, there’s a legion of Bruce Willises and Will Smiths ready to lend a hand.

For the fourth year in a row, readers picked Two Men and a Truck as their favorite moving stars. Maybe it’s the eye-catching logo, maybe it’s the national visibility, maybe it’s the high referral rate among past customers. Maybe it’s the snappy one-liners as they hoist a mattress, unload a couch and save the day again.

Pet Store

2323 55th St., 303-442-4030

Second Place: PetSmart
Third Place: PC’s Pantry for Dogs & Cats
Fourth Place: Only Natural Pet Store
Fifth Place: Whole Pets

Itīs a testament to Boulder County’s animal shelter that voters chose the Humane Society of Boulder Valley as best pet store in the county. With thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs (among other animals) coming through its doors each year, all of them hoping to find a loving home, the Humane Society offers the best for owners and pets alike. What sets the organization apart is its commitment to finding “forever” homes for the animals it adopts out by offering behavior classes and a veterinary clinic to ensure ongoing pet health.

Real Estate Group

2425 Canyon Blvd., Ste. 110, 303-449-7000

Second Place: Wright Kingdom Real Estate
Third Place: Pedal to Properties
Fourth Place: Keller Williams Realty
Fifth Place: Goodacre & Company Real Estate

We don’t have to sing the praises of living in Boulder; everyone already knows how lucky we are with our Flatirons views, Chautauqua hiking trails, Boulder Creek, bike lanes, excellent schools, Pearl Street Mall nightlife, farm-to-table food options, friendly locals and even friendlier dogs — oops, we got a little carried away. Our winner, RE/MAX of Boulder, Inc., is dedicated to helping would-be residents find the best home in our favorite city or in one of the many great Boulder-area communities. The company also assists clients with choosing the right real estate agent and listings for properties that include houses, condos, foreclosures and land.

STAFF PICK: East County Garden and Nursery Center

1805 Nelson Road, Longmont, 303-772-3454

This East County nursery has been serving the community for more than four decades. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it has everything anybody could possibly need or want to make their garden look great. But more importantly in today’s world of constant environmental change, The Flower Bin’s knowledgeable staff can guide you to just the right plants and products to suit your needs, whether it’s a dry year or not. And, even if your green thumb died sometime ago, the wise folks at The Flower Bin can coach you to success.

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