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Thursday, January 14,2010

Obama, one year later

An evaluation of the president's first year

By BoulderWeekly.com

What does all of this mean? It depends on how you interpret it. But it’s clear that Obama, while breaking some promises, has maintained a general trajectory toward the goals he outlined during his campaign. For example, while some on the left are angry with the build-up of troops in Afghanistan, Obama was clear about that issue from the start.

Perhaps some of the disillusionment felt by the liberal left is the result of overly lofty expectations. Did we secretly hope that Obama would move into the White House and fix everything so that it suited us?

In the end, politicians are a reflection of the citizens they represent. So perhaps the most important question is this: What have we as individuals done to initiate change in our lives and the lives of others over the past 12 months?

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