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Monday, June 17,2013

Boulder among top 10 most inventive cities

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Boulder is often cited as a highly educated, technology-savvy city. You can't take a walk down Pearl Street without seeing a freelance guitarist and a freelance web developer.

But how well do Boulder's tech knowledge and education translate into actual concrete inventions?

If you measure by patents held, pretty well. A new list ranks the top 10 "most inventive" cities in the U.S., measured by number of patents and patent intensity, which measures patents per 1,000 workers in the city.

Boulder's spot? Sixth, after a few predictable spots like Silicon Valley and a few surprises like Corvallis, Ore., home of Oregon State University.

See the full list at The Daily Beast.

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I'm not surprised to see Boulder on this list, but I would suggest it might be for different reasons than cited here. Rather than being the result of years of schooling, inventiveness is a natural trait fostered by play. This is what I've observed over several years of working at Alpine Valley School (http://alpinevalleyschool.com), a place that allows children's innate curiosity to flourish.

So it might just be Boulder's youthfulness and passion for play -- whether at sports, music, technology, or some other pursuit  -- that's responsible for this inventiveness, not the high number of college degrees per person.