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Wednesday, July 10,2013

Take a shot

Shmaltz's Slingshot provides a drinkable hops kick

By Steve Weishampel
Photo courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing

Shmaltz Brewing Company’s He’Brew beer has quite the balancing act going on beneath its humorous exterior. With its history in San Francisco and its brand-new brewery in New York, no other brewery is as immersed in the struggle of balancing the country’s craft beer tastes.

The bicoastal brewery is leaning East Coast in its summer seasons, putting out a lager for summer with greater hop presence than your typical Sam Adams lager. It’s the first lager for Shmaltz, and it includes caramel pils and rye malts.

David’s Slingshot hoppy summer lager is somewhere between a pale ale and an IPA, with a moderate hop bite and a hint of maltiness. It has all the hallmarks of a summer sipper: Good flavor that doesn’t overpower, lower alcohol (5.5 percent ABV) so it doesn’t creep up on you in the sun, drinkability and refreshing carbonation.

All it needs, really, is a repackaging. Put it in a can, sell it in six-packs, and sell each six-pack with a tube for the river and you’ve got a fine summer afternoon.

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