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Monday, November 4,2013

Citing industry 'misinformation,' anti-fracking group launches videos

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An oil rig

Frack Free Colorado, a statewide environmental organization that is opposed to the oil and gas practice of hydraulic fracturing, has started a series of videos arguing against the practice.

Frack Free Colorado refers to Colorado as "ground zero of fracking" due to the number of fracked wells and the opposition from communities.

"Local groups have taken it upon themselves to try to limit gas and oil activity in their communities," a Frack Free press release notes. 

The purpose of the videos is to "combat the misinformation campaign laid out by the industry."

The first video, featuring EPA whistleblower Wes Wilson, is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZx8kWdWUxk. The second, featuring Cornell scientist Tony Ingraffea, is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA1Ij2hJyi8.

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The fact is hydraulic fracturing makes natural gas more affordable and available, allowing us to move our economy away from older technologies towards greener, more fuel efficient ones. In Colorado, hydraulic fracturing has been safely utilized for decades, and without a single case of groundwater contamination. Regarding these videos specifically, state officials and a variety of experts examined the EPA’s findings and concluded they were seriously flawed. The EPA withdrew its report and turned the matter over to the state of Wyoming for investigation.

-Renee, Energy Citizens Coordinator 



These "Frack Free" brats don't know what heats their homes, fuels their transportation or creates the computers, signs and various media they use to protest energy. They epitomize hypocrisy by the most privileged among us. Their little energy protests are nothing more than a hobby.