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Thursday, January 21,2010

Robertson's hate tour continues

So, Pat Robertson thinks that the earthquake in Haiti was caused by the Haitians making a pact with Satan to liberate themselves from the French back in the day.

Payback is hell, eh? It’s not the first time he has said something stupid. This is the guy who maintained that Hurricane Katrina was God was punishing America for allowing abortions. Oh, and he also claims to be able to deflect hurricanes through prayer. So why did he let that one get by the goalie?

This is the guy who, during his failed 1988 presidential campaign, claimed that he saw combat in the Korean War, but his fellow Marines came forward to say that he never saw action and that his job was to bring alcoholic beverages to his officers. One said his powerful daddy, a U.S. senator, made sure he saw no combat, and instead spent his time drinking and frequenting prostitutes.

Then there was that link to Al Qaeda. One newspaper reported that Liberian President Charles Taylor gave Robertson permission to mine for diamonds in that country, and that he was using his Operation Blessing planes to transport mining equipment there — instead of using the planes to deliver relief supplies to victims of genocide in Rwanda, as he was telling his 700 Club viewers at the time. Meanwhile, Taylor was harboring Al Qaeda operatives who were getting their funding from the illegal diamond trade, according to Wikipedia.

Robertson also has had financial ties to Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, another human rights violator.

He hates feminism, homosexuals and liberal professors.

He’s lied about his leg-pressing abilities and has made several predictions of looming natural disasters that never materialized.

As Dana Carvey playing the Church Lady would say, “Hmmm, who could have made him do all these things?” “Satan?!”

But officer, I was donating to Haiti

Speaking of Haiti, people who textmessage the word “Haiti” to 90999 automatically have a $10 donation to the Red Cross added to their mobilephone bill, to benefit the victims.

The program has raised an unprecedented $22 million, thanks in large part to promotions during the National Football League’s playoff games.

Guys all over the country feeling guilty about sitting on their couches five beers into a six-pack whipped out their cell phones and sent that text.

One Red Cross spokesman said that during the football games, money was pouring in at $500,000 an hour.

Old-fashioned traditionalists may question the value of all that Tweeting and Facebooking and sexting, but there’s no denying the incredible role that technology played in this one. Instead of having to sit down, write a check, address and stamp the envelope and find a mailbox, the Red Cross made it easy. It was a very reasonable amount to give, and it took just a snippet of time. Brilliant. Maybe the next program should be a text-message fundraiser promoted during the Super Bowl that benefits unemployed Americans, gives the economy a jump-start and pays for the health care reform package.

Dean vs. Rove

So Howard Dean and Chancellor Palpatine, er, Karl Rove, will face off in a debate in CU-Boulder’s Macky Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 15.

And tickets, which go on sale Jan. 19 (see castle.colorado.edu/dsb for more information), are only $1 for CU students (at The Connection in the University Memorial Center) and $15 for the public (ticketswest.com).

This could be the biggest event on campus since that Ward Churchill speech in the spring of 2005. Minus the parade of American Indian Movement drummers and bodyguards, of course.

Although it would be pretty cool if Rove showed up with a Stormtrooper escort. Use the Force, Howard.

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The question is not, "Why did Haiti get hit?" The question is, "Why didn't we get hit, too?" Check out this answer: http://www.articlesbase.com/christianity-articles/haiti-and-a-loving-god-pat-robertson-answered-the-wrong-question-1744407.html