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Wednesday, February 12,2014

Military readies Iron Man suit for summer testing

High tech body armor and exoskeleton on the way

By Josh Gross

Though the public consciousness likely thinks of futuristic cyborg battle armor as the sort of thing still relegated to sci-fi films, it's closer to reality than the average person might realize. DefenseTech.org, a military news site, is reporting that prototypes of the so-called "Iron Man-suit," could be ready for testing within months. 

From the article...


"Navy Adm. William McRaven said three unpowered prototypes of the so-called Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit — known in military parlance as TALOS and dubbed the Iron Man suit after the one worn by the Marvel Comics superhero — are being assembled and expected to be delivered in June. The plan is to evaluate the technology with the goal of fielding a system by August 2018, he said.

“That suit, if done correctly, will yield a revolutionary improvement in survivability and capability for special operators,” McRaven said during the 25th annual Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict conference on Tuesday in Washington, D.C."

The article says the suit is likely to include a powered exoskeleton, high-tech body armor, and no shortage of surveillance and tactical viewing gadgets.

Video of some of the suit's development can be seen below.

Read the full story here.

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