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Tuesday, February 18,2014

Jobs currently available at Boulder Weekly

Advertising Intern:

Boulder Weekly seeks an Advertising Intern to assist with account list management, prospecting, competitive media reports, payment collections and general advertising related support. The Intern will provide assistance to the Advertising Director and Advertising Assistant.
Candidate is required to have excellent communication skills and good customer service skills. The perfect candidate has an interest in Advertising and Marketing. Intern schedules can be flexible, but must have at least 10-15 hours to spend in our South Boulder office, as well as a car for errands. Background in English/Communications or Business/Journalism is preferred, but not required. Knowledge of Excel and Microsoft Office required. Apply to
with resume and cover letter (in PDF format), including a description of availability.

Marketing Assistant:

Boulder Weekly is hiring a part-time Marketing Assistant to start ASAP. Responsibilities will include social media postings, blogging, community networking, working with digital products and generally assisting the advertising staff and management team. Hours and pay are negotiable. Please send cover letter and resume in PDF format to

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