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Friday, April 25,2014

retail part II

...Continued from part I



2851 Valmont Road, 303-442-6663 

Second Place: Fiori Flowers 

Third Place: Boulder Blooms 

Fourth Place: Lafayette Florist Gift Shop & Garden Center 

Fifth Place: Fruehauf ’s / European Flower Shop (tie)

Here is an observation: Life is too short and precious not to spend it in the company of beauty. No kidding. You can just wake up in the morning, or you can wake up in the morning to the light and color and the sweet smell of fresh cut flowers. You can just eat, or you can sit down to a meal and conversation amid art and beauty in the form of a fresh bouquet. Slow down and go get some amazing flowers at our readers’ favorite florist — Sturtz & Copeland — and let them work their magic. If you’re not sure what exactly you are looking for (the real answer is a better quality of life), just ask the good folks at Sturtz & Copeland. They’ll have the answer. After all, they’ve been in the quality-of-life-improvement business for 85 years.



1909 9th St., Suite 130, 303-386-3423 

Second Place: American Furniture Warehouse 

Third Place: Arhaus 

Fourth Place: No Place Like Home 

Fifth Place: Woodley’s Fine Furniture

The reason that Clutter Consignment is Boulder’s favorite furniture store is because it’s way more fun to go on a treasure hunt than it is to just go furniture shopping. And a trip to Clutter really is a treasure hunt. You never know what amazing piece someone else has decided to part with that will be a perfect fit for your home. Modern, retro, bizarre and just plain old gorgeous quality furnishings abound at this shop, where the staff enjoys guiding your hunt as much as you enjoy finding the unexpected.

Outdoor Gear 


1789 28th St., 303-583-9970%u2028 

Second Place: Neptune Mountaineering / Boulder Army Store (tie) 

Fourth Place: Jax Mercantile 

Fifth Place: Patagonia

This year’s winner is pretty much a toy store for adults. In Colorado, we love our outdoor sports and our readers love going to REI to get their gear. If you can think of an outdoor sport they don’t have equipment for, it might not be a real sport. Your entire family can get outfitted here from head to toe with quality outdoor apparel. If you are into snowboarding, your kids love camping, and your significant other is all about running, you can still do all your adventure shopping here at REI. Outdoor enthusiasts know their stuff and they choose to go here for year-round outdoor fun.

Independent Business 

UMBA IMPORTS 2043 Broadway St., 303-442-2059 

Second Place: Green Ride Colorado Shuttle 

Third Place: McGuckin Hardware 

Fourth Place: Alfalfa’s Market 

Fifth Place: Second Kitchen Food Co-op / Cured (tie)

We have to say it; this is one of our favorite categories because we, as well as our readers, understand that it is local, independently owned businesses that give our communities their character and charm. Umba is awesome. The name means “sister” in Balinese, which is the first place from where the company imported its “treasures.” The clothes are cool and casual, perfect for the festival scene, which means perfect for Boulder. We have to point out that Boulder Weekly made this list as well, but as with all contests and those conducting them, we thought it would be a bit tacky if we won. That said, we love you too.

Moving Company 


520 Violet St., Golden, 303-344-9911%u2028 536 W. 67th St., Loveland, 970-686-6683 

Second Place: Taylor Moving 

Third Place: Berg’s Small Moves 

Fourth Place: Boulder Valley Transfer 

Fifth Place: A Boulder Moving Company

Everyone knows moving is stressful, so why not leave it up to the professionals? Our readers love the fact that they can have one less thing to worry about when they are overwhelmed by the process of moving. Two Men and a Truck will pack it, drive it and deliver it, making sure your belongings arrive safely to their new home. They do both local and long distance moves. Your treasured possessions deserve to be handled with care. Let them stress about your boxes so you can worry about getting your mail forwarded, your utilities set up and all that other fun stuff that goes along with moving.

Music Store 


2691 30th St., 303-443-8448 

Second Place: H.B. Woodsongs Music Company 

Third Place: The Drum Shop Boulder 

Fourth Place: Wildwood Guitars 

Fifth Place: Boulder Piano Gallery

Musicians in Boulder County know where to find quality instruments at reasonable prices. At Robb’s Boulder Music they pride themselves on being experts in the music field. With their experienced staff, you won’t have to search all around the store to get some assistance. Not just an instrument store, they provide repairs, equipment rentals and lessons. Rent an amp here if you and your band members are having a jam session. If you are interested in learning how to play an instrument, such as the guitar, you can receive lessons from one of the specialized instructors. If you have busted guitar strings, they can sell you new ones. One of their associates will be there to help with any of your musical needs.

Grocery Store 


2905 Pearl St., 303-545-6611%u2028 2584 Baseline Road, 303-499-7636 

Second Place: King Soopers 

Third Place: Lucky’s Market 

Fourth Place: Sprouts Farmers Market 

Fifth Place: Trader Joe’s

There are few things more important to Boulder County residents than what we eat. If you live here, you know this is no exaggeration. We want to know what is in our beet salad, who made it, who grew the beets and what their political affiliation is before we let it pass our lips. So it should come as no surprise that Whole Foods Market decided to build its largest store in the Rocky Mountain region right on Boulder’s famed Pearl Street or that the company realized that its popularity would support a second store out south on Baseline. Later this year, a new Whole Foods Market will be opening as a part of Longmont’s new Twin Peaks Mall renovation. Our readers are truly fortunate to have so many great places to get healthy organic foods and Whole Foods is their favorite this year.

Jewelry Store 


1402 Pearl St., 303-443-1084%u2028 

Second Place: Walters & Hogsett Fine Jewelers 

Third Place: Todd Reed 

Fourth Place: Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery 

Fifth Place: Angie Star Jewelry / Cronin Jewelers (tie)

Keith Hurdle has been in the jewelry business a long time, but he’s the newcomer to this family tradition. Keith started working full-time at Hurdle’s Jewelry in 1978, but the jewelry store itself has been located somewhere on Boulder’s famed Pearl Street since 1947 and was actually started by his grandfather, Chester Hurdle. No wonder they won. If your family had been making custom jewelry for 57 years you’d be great at it, too. Congrats, Hurdle’s, hope you folks have a grandchild with an eye for detail in the wings. We’d love to see you here in another 50 years.

Shoe Store 


2775 Pearl St., 303-786-9255%u2028 

Second Place: Pedestrian Shops 

Third Place: Two Sole Sisters 

Fourth Place: Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. 

Fifth Place: Shoe Fly

It’s all in the name at Boulder Running Company. If you need something to help you run better and longer, our readers suggest you go here. If you want to run faster, we suggest you jog through neighborhoods with pit bulls on the loose. Kidding aside, Boulder Running Company has the best selection of shoes around and their staff can help you find just the right shoes for your feet and your level of expertise.

New Business 


1906 28th St., 303-443-0160 

Second Place: The Second Kitchen Food Co-op 

Third Place: Willow 

Fourth Place: Green Ride 

Fifth Place: Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

Of all the new businesses around, our readers like this store the most. Boulderites flocked to the opening of Trader Joe’s earlier this year. This chain has been around since the 1950s and, after becoming successfully established, got tired of charging consumers too much for non-local foods. They began manufacturing their own brands, which became synonymous with the natural foods movement. By offering highquality, healthy goods, Trader Joe’s is setting itself up to live a long, happy life here in Boulder County.

Ski/Snowboard Shop 


2525 Arapahoe Road, 303-938-8799 

Second Place: Christy Sports 

Third Place: REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) 

Fourth Place: Crystal Ski Shop 

 Fifth Place: Neptune Mountaineering / Larry’s Bootfitting (tie)

You live in Boulder County for a reason … or two ... maybe even three. But one of those reasons is bound to have something to do with skiing. If that’s the case, then Boulder Ski Deals is the only name you need to know. Our readers chose this winter sports shop for the gear and also because it’s a great place to pick up some discounted lift tickets. And if you find yourself on a mountain getting passed by a class full of 6-year-old snowplowers, BSD can also do you a service by tuning up those slo-mo planks of yours.



1740 30th St., 303-938-2889 210 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303-485- 5939 

Second Place: ListenUp 

Third Place: Apple Store 

Fourth Place: Car Toys 

Fifth Place: Crescendo Fine Audio

This store is nothing short of an electronic-lover’s paradise. You can purchase a new cell phone and all the accessories to make it your own, stock up on the latest new releases or buy that laptop you’ve been eying. Like it loud? There’s a great stereo section just waiting for you to close the soundproof door and crank it up. But if it’s peace and quiet you crave, you can buy that too in the form of noise canceling headphones. Bottom line, it’s hard to walk out of a Best Buy without some new gadget in your hands that will make you the envy of all the other electronically addicted among us.

Tire Shop 


3215 28th St., Boulder, 303-440-6811 740 Highway 287 North, Lafayette, 303-248- 5680 379 S. Hover St., Longmont, 303-774-9869 

Second Place: Barnsley Tire Co. 

Third Place: Big O Tires 

Fourth Place: Green Garage Tire Source 

Fifth Place: Louisville Tire & Auto Care

What can we say about Discount Tire? They keep winning because they are awesome. From quick turnaround of ordered parts to super-speedy tire fixes, our readers tell us they are the best. So stop being pestered by that blinking light on your dash telling you to check your tires. Take your ride to Discount Tire where they’ll check your pressure for free. The staff will get you the best possible deal. Tires aren’t all that sexy, but if they were, Discount Tire would be pretty hot.



2425 Canyon Blvd., Ste. 100, 303-443-2421 

Second Place: Victoria’s Secret 

Third Place: Fascinations

Sometimes a women needs to feel sexy, but sometimes she just needs to lay around in sweatpants. Christina’s Luxuries understands that. That’s why they sell everything from bras and panties to loungewear. If your man found you too irresistible and the pregnancy test read “positive,” they even carry maternity clothing. You can also find that swimsuit that perfectly accentuates your best assets while you’re there. Christina’s knows that the modern woman plays many roles, so they offer quality clothing for women of all ages, whether they’re in the office, at the park with the kids or on a romantic date.

Pet Store 


2828 30th St., 303-245-9909 

Second Place: PetSmart 

Third Place: Humane Society of Boulder Valley 

Fourth Place: Whole Pets 

Fifth Place: Only Natural Pet Store

From pooches to kitties, we love our pets.

That’s why P.C.’s Pantry for Dogs and Cats is stocked with everything you need for your miniature companion. Pick up food, treats, toys and for the lucky few, rockin’ clothes. Has your pet been extra lovable lately? Reward them with a fresh-baked treat. If your dog is about to celebrate a birthday and you want to throw a bash, P.C.’s even makes special Barkday Cakes. Whether your cat or dog needs basic supplies or a good spoiling, you can find everything here.

Real Estate Group 


2425 Canyon Blvd., Suite 110, 303-449- 7000 

Second Place: Wright Kingdom Real Estate 

Third Place: 8z Real Estate 

Fourth Place: Colorado Landmark Realtors / Pedal to Properties (tie)

There is nothing more challenging than finding the perfect home. It can be maddening trying to find the right number of bedrooms near a good school — all while wondering if any of your soon-to-be neighbors were recently featured on America’s Most Wanted. Thankfully, there are realtors who actually enjoy figuring out that sort of stuff for you. At Re/Max of Boulder their priority is finding you your dream home. Their kind and knowledgeable agents know the local market and will make sure you don’t overpay or wind up buying a money pit. Our readers say they trust them, so you can too.

Liquor Store 


1955 28th St., 303-447-1955 

Second Place: Liquor Mart 

Third Place: Superior Liquor 

Fourth Place: North Boulder Liquor 

Fifth Place: Boulder Wine and Spirits

Whether you had a rough day at work or just want to relax with some friends, Hazel’s Beverage World offers Boulder’s largest selection of wine, spirits and beer. Create your own six-pack of local, national or international beers, or peruse their enormous selection of wines from across the globe. If you decide you need a cigar to go with that wine, they have that too — in a climate-controlled humidor. Don’t feel overwhelmed by Hazel’s seemingly endless options: One of the friendly and knowledgable staff are happy to offer suggestions, or simply show you around the place. Hazel’s is locally owned and managed, so when you make a purchase, your dollars stay in Boulder. Hazel’s may be on the same planet as other liquor stores, but they really are a different world.

Mattress Store 


1945 28th St., 303-413-1314 

Second Place: Verlo Mattress Factory 

Third Place: Boulder Furniture & Mattress 

Fourth Place: Mattress King 

Fifth Place: Mattress Firm

Remember when you were a kid and your parents repeatedly told you not to jump on the bed? Well, that wasn’t just about your safety — your parents just didn’t want to go through the long process of finding a new mattress. Since then it has gotten even more complicated with all the memory foam options available. Luckily, Denver Mattress Co. has a team of experts dedicated to helping you find the best mattress for your sleeping habits and budget. You can try out any number of mattresses until you find the “one.” Go ahead, jump on in and make a day of it.

Adult Merchandise 


2560 28th St., 303-442-7309 

Second Place: Jamaica Junction

The best part about Fascinations becoming a perennial winner in this category is that some lucky BW staffer gets to do some pretty delightful research — at the store, online and later at home if they’re lucky. The bottom line is these folks got it all when it comes to gadgets, books and products guaranteed to take your sex life to a new level. From lubricants and toys to bondage and fetish products, it’s a one-stop shop for sex paraphernalia. And our readers say it’s the best one around. So the next time you’re in the mood for a romantic candlelight encounter or a rousing round of “electro sex,” you know where to start.

Video/DVD Rental 


5290 Arapahoe Ave., 303-440-4448 

Second Place: Fascinations

Can’t find that super-indie film online or anywhere else? At The Video Station you can find over 50,000 titles for rent. Even with the rising popularity of streaming and downloadable movies, there is something comforting about still being able to browse at a video store. Whether you are in the mood for raucous comedy, terrifying horror, a timeless classic or a thought-provoking documentary, their knowledgeable staff is there to help you choose the perfect movie. Also check out the staff picks — you might find something unexpectedly awesome, or even discover your new favorite film. Our voters love The Video Station and we think you will too.

Optical Store 


2525 Arapahoe Ave., 303-447-0210 

Second Place: Envision 

Third Place: Boulder Vision Center 

Fourth Place: College Optical 

Fifth Place: Wink Optical

It’s not usually the best news when you are told you need to correct your eyesight. At Aspen Eyewear, however, they make the process of choosing your new look much easier. You can get your examination from a certified optometrist, be fitted for your new glasses and go about your day, all while looking great. They also perform quality repairs if you happen to break your glasses. Good to know if your clumsiness is epic. The selection of frames is vast, which is great news if you have one of those faces that is more difficult to find good fitting glasses for. Aspen will have your perfect pair and they won’t mind if it takes you two hours to try on their entire stock.

Tobacco Shop


1620 30th St., Boulder, 303-449-7089

179 W. South Boulder Road., Lafayette, 303-665-7870

301 Martin St., Longmont, 303-772-2323

22 Highway 72, Nederland, 303-258-9240

Second Place: Mile High Pipe & Tobacco / Johnnys Cigar Bar (tie)

Third Place: The Fitter Fourth Place: University Hill Market & Deli

Since 1989, Smoker Friendly has been a premier provider for all your tobacco needs.

They are well supplied on fine cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. This company is so expert in the field, they have manufactured their own SF brand of tobacco products. Who better to make smokes than someone who has been selling them for 25 years? Our readers are impressed by the quality and enjoy the convenience of the many locations in Boulder County and beyond.

Pipe Shop


1144 Pearl St., 303-443-7473

Second Place: The Fitter

Third Place: Freaky’s Gift Shop & Tattoo

Fourth Place: Buddha’s & Goudha’s

Fifth Place: High on the Hill

Now that weed is legal, we don’t have to pretend like that bong you’re buying is for tobacco. Mile High Pipe & Tobacco has everything you need to get your smoke on, Colorado-style. Mostly known for their huge selection of glasswear, they also offer vaporizers and hookahs to accommodate all your smoking needs. If you are into tobacco, they offer a wide selection of regular and flavored, cigars and pipes. They are conveniently located in downtown Boulder near the Pearl Street Mall. While you are there, stock up on incense and other cool accessories.

Natural Foods Store


2905 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-545-6611

2584 Baseline Road, Boulder, 303-499-7636

303 Marshall Road, Superior, 720-274-1415

Second Place: Vitamin Cottage

Third Place: Alfalfa’s Market

Fourth Place: Sprouts Farmers Market

Fifth Place: Lucky’s Market

In Boulder County, we love our healthy foods. We also love words like paraben-free and gluten-free. At Whole Foods Market they don’t like junk food and they won’t stand for it. In fact, they have strict guidelines on what foods are worthy enough to make it onto their shelves. Just because an item is free of harmful chemicals, it still might not meet the criteria to become a Whole Foods brand. They also sell fantastic, freshly made foods. At the Pearl Street location, there is basically a street full of restaurants inside. You can get everything from lunch staples of sandwiches and salads to tacos. That location has the best salad bar ever... seriously. We defy you to find something missing from this thing. It’s amazing.

Kitchen Supplies


1235 Pearl St., 303-449-5847%u2028

Second Place: McGuckin Hardware

Third Place: Savory Spice Shop

Fourth Place: Bed Bath & Beyond

Fifth Place: Penzeys Spices

No matter what your kitchen looks like, it could be improved with a trip to Peppercorn. This does not mean you have to have an extra thousand bucks lying around. It’s all a matter of perspective. If you live in a dump with twice the roommates allowed by the city of Boulder — that would be six unrelated persons — then just adding a cool bottle of hot sauce from Peppercorn’s extensive selection would spruce the place up nicely. And if you already have a great kitchen, Peppercorn can make it even better. This store literally has any and every thing your kitchen could ever need. If you don’t understand why our readers love this place, you’ve never been there.

Tattoo/Piercing Parlor


2735 Iris Ave., 303-444-7380 %u2028

Second Place: Rising Tide Tattoo

Third Place: Tribal Rites & Piercing

Fourth Place: Claw and Talon Tattoo

Fifth Place: K & K Piercing & Jewelry

Ahh, tattooing. How could it ever have been so taboo? One thing that hasn’t changed: You want to make darn sure that the artist putting on that tat knows what the heck they’re doing. There’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to explain that “no, I don’t have a pig-eagle wearing a beanie on my right calf.” The moral of the story is that when it comes to body art, quality matters. And our readers tell us that Bolder Ink does them right every time. And don’t forget to get something you’ll still enjoy in 20 years. You might want to resist that sweet “cray” tattoo.



%u20282525 Arapahoe Ave., Unit D1, 303-443- 1822

Second Place: The Home Depot

Third Place: Jax Ranch & Home

Fourth Place: Ace Hardware

Fifth Place: Table Mesa Hardware

So it’s Saturday morning and you wake up and remember that you need to buy a few things for the ol’ homestead. You draw up your list: Yard gnome, humidifier, battery for the car, a new CD player, set of dishes, easel and oil paints, dog food, 1,200 feet of 1-inch steel pipe, snowshoes, a hula hoop, air conditioner, a copy of the house key and flowers for your significant other. At this point you can either panic at the thought of spending the next 48 hours driving all over creation to fulfill your shopping needs or you can drop by McGuckin Hardware and get everything on your list. And that, my friends, is why our readers have chosen this “everything store” as their favorite hardware destination.

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