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Thursday, June 24,2010

Arizona's immigration law

Washington should stay out of the fight

By Tamar Jacoby
The Obama administration is considering suing Arizona to block implementation of its harsh new immigration enforcement measure, SB 1070. The Justice Department doesn’t have much time — barring a judicial stay, the law goes into effect July 29 — and a decision, to sue or not to sue, is expected any day.

SB 1070 is an abomination, no doubt about it, and the White House is under intense pressure to act. But a Justice Department lawsuit would be a horrendous mistake — one that could end all hope of passing comprehensive immigration reform as long as Barack Obama is president.

In a radical departure from settled law, the legislation makes illegal immigration a state crime in Arizona — until now, it has been a federal matter. Even more controversially, the measure authorizes and in some cases requires local police to probe the immigration status of people they have stopped for other legal reasons, including violations of municipal ordinances. A devilishly ingenious, and disingenuous, piece of lawyering, the bill is designed to appear reasonable and pass the test of constitutionality, but it gives police far-reaching power to harass unlawful immigrants with the goal of driving them out of the U.S. — a strategy the law’s framers call “attrition through enforcement.”

All of that is bad enough, but the most devastating effect of SB 1070 may be political — the way it is poisoning the American immigration debate.

President Obama, President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, the Los Angeles Times, the Roman Catholic Church, the AFL-CIO and a Who’s Who of Latino pop stars have denounced the legislation. More than 15 U.S. cities (including Boulder and Denver), have passed measures forbidding their employees to travel to Arizona on workrelated business. Dozens of conferences and conventions scheduled to take place there have been canceled. And tens of thousands of people across the country have participated in demonstrations pillorying the measure as a racially motivated assault on immigrants and an invitation to ethnic profiling.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the divide, polls show that some 60 percent of Americans support SB 1070. The polling hasn’t probed deeply, so it’s hard to say exactly why they endorse the law. Some supporters talk about stemming border violence and controlling crime — particularly the mob-style crimes committed by international smuggling cartels. Others, judging by talk radio and blog chatter, seem more bothered by the simple illegality of illegal immigration. Few surveys, now or in the past, show voters to be particularly angry at unlawful immigrants or eager to punish them. But many are very angry at the dysfunctional immigration system — and at a political class that doesn’t seem bothered by millions of people making a mockery of the law.

What percentage of those who tell pollsters they support SB 1070 grasp that it will encourage profiling or the harassment of otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants? Is that what they are endorsing? Or is their support merely a cry for government — any level of government — to get control of who is entering the country? According to the Rasmussen Report, a polling operation, roughly half of those who endorse the Arizona law are at least “somewhat concerned” about potential “civil rights violations.” But nuanced or not, the measure’s backers too have attracted some strident spokespeople. Just listen to Sarah Palin, who defends SB 1070 as “noble and just” and urges followers to defy the “boycott crowd.”

For weeks, proponents and opponents have played off one another, passion fueling passion, charges sparking countercharges and rage, to the point that there’s almost no point in talking anymore — people on both sides are that entrenched. Where one side sees law enforcement and personal security, the other sees racism. The very term “enforcement” has become a dirty word to many immigrants-rights activists. And to the nearly two-thirds of Americans who back the measure, reform advocates look increasingly suspect — unwilling to admit an obvious truth (that illegal immigrants have broken the law) and far too ready to play the race card against those with legitimate concerns. For both sides, immigration is becoming an issue of good versus evil. And in that kind of moralistic standoff, there is no middle ground — no room for politics or compromise.

It’s a disastrous course — and one all too familiar in American politics. How long before the immigration debate is as stalemated as the standoff on abortion? Each side sees the other as morally reprehensible. Each is sure it’s right. We as a nation can’t resolve the problem, but we can’t let go of it, either — and it soon poisons other issues, making it hard to do even basic things, like confirm judges.

An administration lawsuit against SB 1070 would only push immigration further in this direction. It would enrage the 60 percent. It would inject immigration into midterm campaigns from coast to coast. Worst of all, it would alienate key lawmakers, from Arizona and elsewhere, without whose help the administration will have no hope of advancing comprehensive reform.

How exactly does Obama imagine influential Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, or Sen. John McCain, would react to a federal lawsuit against their state? Without help or at least acquiescence from Kyl and McCain, where does the president expect to find Republican support for a reform bill? And how does the administration think proud, state-minded elected officials — not to mention “tea party” voters — would feel about a federal effort not just to check, but override a state legislature?

If the White House sues, it will do so under a flag of high moral righteousness. But many will see the suit as something far more cynical. Arizona acted only because the feds hadn’t, moving, albeit misguidedly, to handle a problem Washington had left to fester for years. Yet now, instead of stepping up to do its job, Washington is trying to cover its flank by punishing those who filled the vacuum?

Only the federal government can fix what’s wrong with immigration — but not with a lawsuit. What’s needed is comprehensive immigration reform — a balanced, bipartisan bill supported by a broad national consensus. That’s what the administration should be focused on — developing consensus on immigration, not exacerbating a widening divide and closing off all possibility of compromise. Tamar Jacoby is president of ImmigrationWorks USA, a national federation of small-business owners advocating immigration reform. This was written for the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times, 2010 —MCT

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No hiding the leftist mentality of this writer.  We can agree on some things, Washington has allowed this thing to fester, and should not present the case in court.

Further, immigration reform should not include amnesty, nor citizenship.  I have immigrant family, all of whom came the right way, and from a country as poor, or poorer than Mexico.  No sympathy here.

I say support Arizona.  Get these people off of our government welfare and send them home.


Here, here.


Was thinking the same thing. What a bias left point of view.


I agree 100% with what you are saying. We pay into their welfare, and they get away with not having to pay taxes. How unintelligent can you be to support them when they are taking the money we all work hard to make?!


Send them all back to mexico please!!!!!!!! If you are here illegally U should be sent packing!!!!!!!


why don't they just kill all them ileagal dam mexicans. just like back in the day like they did to them slaves I really don't see the difference.


Really Mjones?...then while we are at it then maybe we should include killing all prisoners or better yet we should kill anyone who breaks the law. Wouldn't that be a better solution?


I may add. The writer says, "it gives police far-reaching power to harass unlawful immigrants with the goal of driving them out of the U.S." What is wrong with that? Harass them, arrest them, send them back. Is you are here legaly a simply question and request for ID is not harassment; it is a safety check


@The informer how ignorant, they are not all from mexico! I agree with many of you about sending deporting them but you have to understand that Arizona way is just unconstitutional. Racial profiling is not right! @MJones you are so smart.. haha your comment is the most stupid one i've ever read before. Racist and ignorant people should be killed instead. @enrique.. safety check.. don't be so naive go to college and take a police community relations course, you might learn something.. you really think every person they'll stop is going to be undocumented? if your name is enrique you are probably hispanic looking, look if there is something we really value in our society is freedom not all of us are willing to give up our freedom and let cops keep on stopping us to check our documents.. how would you feel if you keep getting stopped because your name is enrique and you look hispanic?


@Calii, Have you read the new AZ law? Do you know what our Constitution says? By the sound of your response, you haven’t and don’t!! You better put yourself at the top of the kill list, because you are ignorant, and you want to play the racist card because you cannot make an informed judgment!!! You are the one that needs to do some research and get educated!!! If an officer stops you and you are legal, what is the big deal? Look at it as doing your part in helping weed out the illegal’s!! All an officer needs to stop ANYONE is, reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause, you nimrod!! Each and every time you get stopped by an officer, whether it be for running a red light, speeding, you look suspicious, etc., you are required to show ID!! You can refuse, but understand there is a consequence for not showing ID, i.e., you can be ticketed, and/or taken to jail until they find out who you are!! Doesn’t matter if you are white, black, brown, yellow, red, green, blue, etc!!!!!!! It’s not about color fool, it’s about, LEGAL vs. ILLEGAL…RIGHT vs. WRONG!!!! Go get educated then come back with and informed judgment!!!!


Ralph, you support Arizona, but what about your friends. What if a minimum of them were illegal, would you post up this comment? A majority of the illegal immigrants weren't born here in the U.S, they were taken to this country by their parents when they were younger and of course they had no intention to becoming an illegal immigrant. So it is not their fault, it is a wrong to force people to a places they are a aliens to. Also a lot of them do care for an education and higher job not just the low wages in America. I say most of the comments are just from racist people who had at least interfere with "Mexicans" and they didn't like it.


@Lucy, Why should Ralph care what his friends think? The AZ law is an individual’s choice & decision in the way they feel which many people happen to conquer with. Illegal minor children do not have a choice if their parents bring them here illegally, but in this country anything a minor child does that breaks the law, the parents are responsible for! The parents should face charges for bringing their children here illegally!! Child neglect and endangerment for starters! Yeah, the illegal Mexicans caught on real quick about working for low wages; they now expect the same treatment as the legal citizens when they are in fact, illegal and are NOT entitled to the same rights as legal citizens! Most of them would not take a higher education if it were handed to them on a silver platter!! As far as your racist comment, playing the racist card is old and has all but dried up!! The racist card is played only because someone cannot come up with an informed judgment!! It is not about color…it is about ILLEGAL vs. LEGAL…RIGHT vs. WRONG!!! Since when did it become acceptable to break our laws merely because you are an illegal immigrant??


@Chris I have you idiot. The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution clearly states the EQUAL protection of the law. That applies to everyone in US soil you fuck ass! Oh and by the way, The president of the United States stated that the new AZ law is unconstitutional. but yeah who is our president right just some random guy that graduated from Harvard Law School that is all that he is and who are you?? oh yeah your chris the idiot that is almost done with his BA and apparently has not learned shit. What is the big deal? Idiot all hispanics will be harassed! No one else gives a shit about it because they are not hispanic, they wont be harassed. Have you ever heard of RACIAL PROFILING? Pretext stops? how about "overpolicing"? Seriously man go read this "Police in a Multicultural Society" is by David and Melissa Barlow, you might learn something. hahaha you moron! if you look suspicious you cannot be stopped! hahaha apparently someone is not paying attention in class! ok we both agree that the minimum requirement to be stopped is Reasonable Suspicion. do you have any fucken idea of what that means?? mm.. no you don't! here you go: Reasonable Suspicion is a belief, based on a consideration of facts at hand on reasonable inferences drawn from those facts, that would induce an ordinary prudent and cautious person under the same circumstances to conclude that CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is taking place or that criminal activity has recently occurred. and your telling asking me for an informed opinion? haha I do know a little bit of law my friend haha. Okay teach me mr smart ass. What is the reasonable suspicion to believe that a person is in this country illegally?


@Cali, You really are as ignorant and delusional as I thought! First, I am not a man! Second, you seriously need to get an education and learn how to do some research! Work on your grammar and spelling while you are at it! Listen you idiotic moron, OUR CONSTITUTION APPLIES ONLY TO THE LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE USA, NOT EVERY TOM, DICK, AND HARRY…OH WAIT, NOT EVERY JOSE, FERNANDO, AND MARIA, THAT DECIDES TO BREAK THE LAW AND COME HERE ILLEGALLY, you dick head!!! So you believe everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth?? What about all the lies he has told and been caught in??? You are so ignorant, it is comical!!! I haven’t learned anything?? I guess that is why my GPA is a 4.00!!! What do you have?? Get real dude!! Give me a break on the racial profiling bit, that card is old and all but dried up!!! It was your friend Obama that passed the new law similar to what the movie, Minority Report was about…pre crime…Indefinite detention with no formal charges, no access to an attorney, etc. You need to stop reading your fictional police books and get the REAL information!! You most certainly can be stopped for suspicion, what planet are you living on? Planet of the apes?? You contradicted yourself, you said, “if you look suspicious you cannot be stopped!”, then you said in your next sentence, “ok we both agree that the minimum requirement to be stopped is Reasonable Suspicion.”!! You really are as dumb and ignorant as I first thought!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!! By YOUR OWN DEFINITION of reasonable suspicion, you PROVED MY POINT!!! According to your definition, “Reasonable Suspicion is a belief, based on a consideration of facts at hand on reasonable inferences drawn from those facts, that would induce an ordinary prudent and cautious person under the same circumstances to conclude that CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is taking place or that criminal activity has recently occurred.” HMMMM…with my experience, when an illegal immigrant sees an officer, you can see an instant panic come over them, they start running to find a place to hide, etc. Here is an example: I used to supervise a crew of mostly illegal immigrants that could not speak a lick of English. We were dealing with money that had come from the mint; therefore, armed guards were in the building and were next to the presses with yellow tape around it, guarding the money. I happened to be in the break room where one of the illegals was taking his break. A guard walked into the break room, and the illegal guy immediately picked up a newspaper and started nervously looking through it…he did not know a lick of English!!! Panic was written all over his face!!! I started laughing hysterically because I knew this guard could not touch this guy, but the mere sight of his badge freaked him out!!!! Third, I am not your friend!! I could teach you a lot, but your pee-brain could not comprehend the truth!! Besides, go spend your own money and get a real education, and quit relying on fiction novels. I can PROVE everything I say with FACTS to back it up!! Stay delusional if you want, I choose to believe the FACTS and live in the REAL WORLD!!


Your right on target with your comments.


@Chris you seriously don't know nothing about racial profiling and do not understand Reasonable Suspicion? i mean a 4.0 average student that is almost done with its BA hahaha anyway you are so fucken stupid! ok here we go again i hope you learn this time. First of all "looking suspicious" i not the same as REASONABLE SUSPICION, that is a legal concept you moron! so I am not contradicting myself idiot! You dumb fuck "with my experience.." unless you worked as a border patrol you do not have any fucken experience identifying illegal immigrants. Like you said GET REAL!! anyone who knows about law will automatically know that any police officer that say something that stupid, will get hammered at court by the defense attorney. alright idiot, you read the 14th Amendment but you missed the EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE! okay this is all you need to know: "no state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws".[1] The Equal Protection Clause can be seen as an attempt to secure the promise of the United States' professed commitment to the proposition that "all men are created equal"[2] by empowering the judiciary to enforce that principle against the states. As written it applied only to state governments, but it has since been interpreted to apply to the Federal Government of the United States as well. all you need is to be in US soil and be a person!! understand?? hahaha fictional police books you are so pathetic. Read it, or professor Diammond's "Gun Germs and Steel" or read Racial Profiling by Karen S. Glover, PhD. believe me you do not know it all. okay prove me wrong you dumb shit.


@Cali, Ok, let me spell it out for you since your pee-brain cannot handle mere FACTS! You are referring to the 14th Amendment, Section 1; right? Here it is: Amendment XIV Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Ok you nimrod, what part of “ALL PERSONS BORN OR NATURALIZED IN THE UNITED STATES, AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF ARE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES AND OF THE STATE WHEREIN THEY RESIDE.”, did you not understand? What part of, “NO STATE SHALL MAKE OR ENFORCE ANY LAW WHICH SHALL ABRIDGE THE PRIVILEGES OR IMMUNITIES OF CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES…”, DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Clearly referring to CITIZENS, NOT PEOPLE HERE ILLEGALLY!! THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW PERIOD YOU ASSHOLE!!! You cannot pick and choose what phrase you want to use….YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE WHOLE CONTEXT INTO CONSIDERATION!!! REASONABLE SUSPICION: “Reasonable suspicion has been defined by the U.S. Supreme Court as “the sort of common-sense conclusion about human behavior upon which practical people . . . are entitled to rely.” Further, it has defined reasonable suspicion as requiring only something more than an “unarticulated hunch.” It requires facts or circumstances that give rise to more than a bare, imaginary, or purely conjectural suspicion. The definition is something that would lead an ordinarily observant person to suspect a violation of the law. The suspicion does not have to be correct, just reasonable.” “A police officer stopping a person must be able to point to specific facts or circumstances even though the level of suspicion need not rise to that of the belief that is supported by probable cause. A reasonable suspicion is more than a hunch.” “For example, you get a call of a white car doing a hit and run. You see a white car in the area with a headlight out. White is a popular color, and many cars have headlights out, but these factors along with it being in the area is reasonable suspicion. It may turn out the car is not the correct one, but the stop is still valid because it was reasonable.” “Reasonable suspicion is much less than the burden for arrest, which is probable cause.” --17 years law enforcement “If you can back your hunch up with reasonable and articuable things that support it, then you get reasonable suspicion. Reasonable suspicion has to be just that, REASONABLE. An officer has to be able to show how a reasonable person would have drawn the same conclusion he did.” --8 years Law Enforcement "There's some type of action on the individual where they try to avoid eye contact with an officer or they are very nervous or refuse to acknowledge an officer that's there' when under normal circumstances the occupants of a vehicle “would have nothing to be nervous about.” “…probably everyone gets nervous when stopped by police, no matter what that person's race. But he said officers will notice conduct or demeanor that appears out of the ordinary. You said, “if you look suspicious you cannot be stopped!”, Rep. Kavanagh says, “How someone is dressed also fits into that.” “They're wearing clothing that appears that they have been traveling, the clothing might not really be used in that particular area.” There is no illegal look, Kavanagh said. "Short of running away from a federal detention center in an orange jump suit, there is nothing about a person's appearance that would lead anybody to suspect, much less know, that you're illegal. Pressed further, Kavanagh said appearance can matter. "Obviously, if you see somebody dressed in a manner that they look like they just spent three days trekking across the desert, and you're near the border, that might be one factor that might let you approach 'reasonable suspicion, he said. --Rep. John Kavanagh “A police officer stopping a person must be able to point to specific facts or circumstances even though the level of suspicion need not rise to that of the belief that is supported by probable cause. A reasonable suspicion is more than a hunch. A police officer needs probable cause to arrest someone, but he can stop someone to ask questions on the lower standard of reasonable suspicion.”


@Cali, “all you need is to be in US soil and be a person!!” Are you fucking kidding me?? You actually believe that? All of our rights and privileges pertain to LEGAL CITIZENS and RESIDENTS ONLY!!!! If all one needed to do is get here to the USA, and be on our soil as you say, we would have every towel headed, Mexican, Asian, African, Saudi, etc. over here!!! You are a real tool!!! I cannot be bothered or waste any more time on such a dimwitted, idiotic moron such as yourself!!! Believe what you want to believe, I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!! I do not have to prove myself to you, someone that is so full of shit, your eyes are probably brown!! In fact, you need to shut your mouth because there is so much shit coming out of it, you are attracting flies!!!!!


@Cali, read the Patriot Act you idiot...pretty much gives the authority to do what they want, when they want, and for no real reason!!


@Greg, Thanks, most of us do have common sense, thank God!!


@Chris you fucken idiot im not the one saying that!! Did you read it?? The Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, provides that "no state shall ... deny to ANY PERSON within its jurisdiction the EQUAL protection of the laws".[1] The Equal Protection Clause can be seen as an attempt to secure the promise of the United States' professed commitment to the proposition that "all men are created equal"[2] by empowering the judiciary to enforce that principle against the states. As written it applied only to state governments, but it has since been interpreted to apply to the Federal Government of the United States as well. What part of that don't you get???? and if they are not protected by the constitution, what is the controversy of this AZ law? except for the privileges and immunities clauses, the Constitution protects people and persons, not merely citizens, and the Framers never opined otherwise. Seriously your research suck ass, okay go to any of you professors that actually know the law, unlike you dumb fuck, and ask them. I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! I guarantee you that i am right.


@Cali, What part of, I am not wasting any more of my time with you, did you not understand?? Apparently, you think you know more than the actual police officers, and Rep. John Kavanagh, which I quoted. Therefore, you go on living in your world of delusion and denial. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that “all men are created equal”, but even that is not always true when you take into consideration, the people that are born deformed, blind, deaf, handicapped from birth, etc. Apparently, you do not get the FACT, that our rights, privileges, and OUR CONSTITUTION, applies to the LEGAL citizens of THIS COUNTRY ONLY!! The ONLY right a person has that is here in this country ILLEGALLY, is due process of our law!!!!! That means, if they are caught, they are entitled to be arrested, jailed, taken to court, and deported back to where they came from. I showed a couple of your posts to my professor as well as some classmates, they all laughed and said, “He clearly does not know what he is talking about”. I agreed, so enough said! Oh yeah, I forgot, you know more than any police officer, Representatives, and now professors, and students that are actually learning and know about the law and our government, so go spread your garbage somewhere else; where dumb idiotic morons like yourself will believe you!! Oh, and GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!


@Chris okay the Equal Protection Clause is as clear as it gets and if you don't want to understand it that is your problem. This is what college is about, looking at both sides of the arguments. If what your saying is all true than what is the problem with the AZ law? There is a fucken reason why is so controversial. This is not just my opinion, it also what my professors said and some of them are retired cops and active DAs. The president of the USA is against it as well. That is all i can say, actually that is all i should say. By the way FUCK YOU TOO!


Cali, this is the last time I am going to respond to you! I am not going to waste anymore of my time educating a idiotic moron! If you think that college is all about looking at both sides of an argument, you have a lot left to learn! College is all about obtaining a higher education (knowledge) in a specific area, and getting your degree in that area! There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE AZ LAW!!! Obama is suing AZ for political reasons only!! He wants to retain the Hispanic vote, that is it in a nutshell!! Other than their vote, he couldn’t give a flying fuck about them!!! The illegal immigrants are raising hell because they are about to lose their free ride! You really are as ignorant as you sound! ROTFLMAO!!! The AZ WILL pass easily! It does not go against the Constitution; it mirrors it! You and your professors are a bunch of left-wing liberals that need to get your heads out of the sand and join the REAL WORLD!!! Obama will soon be facing impeachment and probably criminal charges as well. You might not mind the fact that he is wiping his ass with our Constitution and slowly taking all our liberties away, but I DO, and I intend to do my part to stop it!!! Pay attention to the hearings going on right now regarding the AZ immigration law, you might learn something, unless you think you are smarter than the Judge that is presiding over the case! I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat, but I do know the difference between LEGAL vs. ILLEGAL, and RIGHT vs. WRONG!! I did not write the laws, I just abide by them!! Do the research and get a REAL education!!! “He who laughs last, laughs best”, and I will be the one laughing my ass off at you when you are proven wrong, and TRUST ME, YOU WILL BE!!! I will be the first to say, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!


@Chris hahahah, I guess im the one laughing last, okay ms. smartass what happened? nothing wrong with the AZ SB1070?? I TOLD YOU! YOU RACIST FUCK ASS!! Impeachment and criminal charges for President Obama?? how fucken stupid is that!!! So now your saying you are the one that is smarter than the judge, right?? haha Okay now go to your whole class that "laughed at me" as well as your professors asked them what happened, ms. 4.0 P.S./Criminal Justice student.. DID YOU LEARNED ANYTHING??????? since you know the difference between right and wrong, now you know that this law is WRONG!! ALL THIS JUST PROVED ME RIGHT DUMBSHIT! REAL WORLD uh? right you idiot their "free ride".. and you call me ignorant haha dumbass! Did you know they all pay taxes? Think about it idiot. At the grocery store, when buying goods they pay Sale Taxes and what about property taxes either if they buy a house or rent a one they the owners still charge property taxes. A study of the New York Times stated that illegal immigrants contribute to the Social Security 7 Billion Dollars through TAX ID given by the gov't. Thats money for us when we retire! money that they can never collect. This is just a partial victory i know it is not over. But guess what.. IM THE ONE LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AT YOU!!


@Cali, I have been waiting for you to spew your bullshit. As usual, your ignorance shines through with abundance! If you think you are the one laughing last, the joke is on you! In case you do not realize this, let me spell it out for you. Are you paying attention? T H I S I S F A R F R O M O V E R!!! The judge in the case will have no choice but to eat crow in about 25 ( /-) days. She has no guts, and does not want to piss off the government totally; after all, they gave her, her job! She will shift the responsibility onto another court and judge(s). We expected this to go all the way to the Supreme Court!! If that is what it takes, so be it, this law will come about! It is not a matter of if, but when!! This is just a temporary setback. There is no worrying going on here. Listen, you imbecile, the injunctions she put in place does not really hinder the SB1070 law being enforced!! You are a typical liberal, always counting their chickens before they hatch, claiming a victory when game is just starting, etc. If there was so much wrong with the law as you say, the judge would have ruled in the governments favor all the way and the case would have been over, pending an appeal, of course right away! However, she did not! This is a valid law and in the end, it will pass and we will have won! Then, I will have the pleasure of having the last laugh, and you are at the top of my list of people I will be able to say, I T O L D Y O U S O!!!! Hang in there, the fat lady has not sung yet!! Of course the illegal’s pay state and local taxes! There is no way of getting around that! I am talking about Federal taxes, nimrod!!! You know, the kind we have to file EVERY YEAR!?! If you think there is actually money going into an account for YOU for when you retire, you truly are delusional!! Are you that na´ve? ROTFLMFAO!!!! You better go do some more research on how the government REALLY works!!! Your grandchildren’s, grandchildren will not live long enough to pay our debt off!! The immigrants that come here and are documented, they get to set up shop and are not required to start paying taxes for 10 years!! Of course when the time comes to start paying, they simply sell out to another family member that gets to start fresh with another 10 year tax break from the government!! Try again asshole, I used to say, I’d cut you down, but shit don’t slice, but I am proving myself wrong, YOU have yet again been cut down to size!!


@Chris“She has no guts, and does not want to piss off the government totally; after all, they gave her, her job!” Right you are so right, i forgot you know it all. Oh you did expected to go all the way to the supreme court, I thought you said to pay attention to the hearings of the US District Court decision. Well for you information, she is a very well respected judge serving the US District court for almost 10 years and served as a Superior Court Judge for 11 years. She has a good reputation, she knows what she is doing. And I know idiot but so far she set a partial injunction for this law! Okay so 7 Billion dollars means nothing to you. I know this is not over although this is a partial victory so as of right now just shut the fuck up!


@Cali, I am NOT going to waste a bunch of my time on you again! It ain't over til it's over...that is all I have to say for now. Hopefully you will wake up one day!


“The rate of return on Social Security for people nearing retirement is about 1.5 percent. By the time young children like mine are ready to retire, that rate of return will be a negative percentage.” ~ Congressman Paul Ryan




@Chris Oh my god! You really buy all that crapp is that the real stuff your talking about, is that where you do your research? haha and you laughed at my college books? "Coachisright.com" That just brain washes racist dumb asses like yourself. No wonder why you are so fucken stupid hahahhaha you are hilarious!!


@Chris you can prove anything you say with facts haha dumbass i hammered you! what happened now fucken stupid ass bitch? keep on sucking it racist whore!! LMAO!!


Totally agree Ralph. It's not about racism... it's about doing thing in the right way and the legal way. Roland



The trouble with "comprehensive immigration reform" (CIR) is that history shows that it doesn't work.  The Reagan-era CIR, our national law as it is now, doesn't work.  Not because it is a bad law, but because it is not enforced.  Have the feds show Americans that they are willing to actually enforce the law as it is now, and we the citizens will finally agree to a new law.  But making a new CIR is pointless when it too will not be enforced.  To the feds:  Just do your job and have ICE actually ENFORCE.  To local gov't:  Stop offering sanctuaries.  Be a part of the solution, not tacking onto the problem.




@ubijalar, yes we are all immigrants, but WE WERE BORN HERE ON USA SOIL! That is the difference! NATURAL BORN CITIZENS! How can you say, “AT LEAST THE ILLEGAL PEOPLE ARE WORKING LEGAL WORK…”?? That statement contradicts itself!! If you are here illegally, EVERYTHING you do is illegal!! The ones that have an gotten SS card illegally may be having taxes taken out, but at the end of the year are they filing their taxes? HELL NO!! The people crying racism are the racist ones!! That is the card they play when they are out of all other options!! Give me a break!! It’s not about color, it’s about ILLEGAL vs. LEGAL…RIGHT vs. WRONG…PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!


all you matherfuckers are so wrong if this country gets rid of ilegal people whos going to work for low pay like we do old peple races motherfukers


@Chris man why do you have to be so closed-minded go to college, take a few courses, get little racist mind opened and then leave an informed comment, Ubijalar is right! @plopez you are right but calm down man but yeah who is going to pick lettuce for $5 an hour no legal person will do it thats for sure but okay thats fine pay them $10 or $15 an hour and they might do it. but who is going to pay $8 for a head of lettuce?


@Student, Are you that much of an idiotic moron?? I think you are the one that needs to go to college!! I for one, am almost finished with my bachelors degree in…drum roll please…CRIMINAL JUSTICE/POLITICAL SCIENCE & GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!! If you want some informed comments, you need to read further into the comments and read what I wrote to Americana! GO USA, and what D Haab wrote. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! You must be here illegally or have family/friends that are!! Grow up, open your eyes and really see what is going on!! Oh, and go get educated and so some research, your ignorance is really showing in you, but like they say, IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!!!!


@p lopez, you are a prime example of why our country needs to get rid of all the illegal’s!! You cannot spell, and if your English is like your spelling…God help you!! If you can read, look further into the comments that I wrote to American! GO USA, and what D Haab wrote…you might learn something!!! Americans do not mind immigrants coming here, we just want them to do it LEGALLY you dumbass!! You are another one playing the race card because you lack the intelligence to make an informed judgment!!! Go back to Mexico and come back here legally and then get an education!!!!!!



So wait, if millions of people rob a bank.... but PROTEST that they not go to jail, will they not have to suffer a consequence? That's basciallyw hat these ILLEGALS are doing, breaking the law, but protesting so that they don't have to be deported!


@Chris man why do you have to be so closed-minded go to college, take a few courses, get little racist mind opened and then leave an informed comment, Ubijalar is right!


wow thats a perfect example you idiot! a lot of undocumented people were brought here when they were little kids is not their fault. do you know what immigrants come here for?? of course not you dont know shit.. they come here to work to provide their kids a better future leave the fucken racism on a side and be fucken human


@YAS, Talk about being an idiot!! Go look in the mirror and you will see a perfect example of one!! In this country, a parent is responsible for anything a minor child does that breaks the law! If the child is brought here by their parents illegally, that should be another charge on the parents!! Read further into the comments at what I said to Americana! GO USA and at what D Haab said, then maybe you might be able to comprehend…use that pee brain of yours!!! The people that start crying like a baby about racism, are full of shit!! It is not about color, it is about LEGAL vs. ILLEGAL…RIGHT vs. WRONG!!! I have no problem with immigrants coming over here, they just need to do it LEGALLY!!! You need to do some research and get educated, you ignorant, idiotic moron!!!!!!


@Student, you must be a very young student and here to save the world!! LOL! Get real and get a real education...by the sounds of your ignorance, YOU NEED IT!!!!



Racial profiling is the new buzz word of the open borders crowd.  In todays world its real meaning is amnesty.


NO, I'm a US citizen, of Hispanic Descent and was the victim of racial profiling twice in my own neighborhood. Pulled over by a cop, asking what I was doing there and if I speak English. I hate people who say Discrimination doesn't exist, when our own citizens have had it happen, of any origin.


m. abrego, All an officer needs is reasonable suspicion, or probable cause to stop anyone. How can we expect them to weed out the illegals if they do not stop everyone that may or may not be legal? I wouldn't call yourself a "victim", think of it as doing your part to get the illegals out of here! You are part of the problem with everyone claiming racial discrimination. Try looking at it as a positive thing rather than a negative thing!


m. abrego, I too am Hispanic and I have been stopped and questioned before, but I ask you. Is this not an indication that the police is actually policing your neighborhood? Or would you rather have nobody questioned simply because it may bother them? I rather have the occasional question from the police than strangers in my neighborhood with the intentions of possibly committing a crime. If they area someone's guests, great, that way the police can keep them safe too.


m. abrego you are so right! @Chris do you really think you know about law? first of all Reasonable Suspicion is all you need to stop frisk and detain a person, Probable cause is what you need to arrest a person. There are many things that police should be doing instead of being looking for undocumented people. That is why we have ICE and Border Patrol and the Home Land Security. okay white people support this because they are not going to be bother by this at all but all hispanic people will they will be stopped and harassed. This is a free country not all of us are illegal and we are not willing to give up our freedom for this kind of crapp. @enrique you just dont get what it means to be a cop i can only tell you to go to college take some criminal justice courses specially a police & community course dont you think that if cops should do that then having BP HLS and ICE is pointless just a waste of money? the relationship between the police and the community has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the police, on the safety of the community, having the police doing this kind of crapp will piss off a big part of the community specially the latino one. is it really worth it? well you dont even know about this


@YAS, as a matter of fact, I DO KNOW THE LAW!! I am about to complete my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice/Political Science & Government!!! First of all, you need to work on your grammar and spelling, it sucks!!! I am well aware of what reasonable suspicion and probable cause are, more so than you! Are you really as ignorant as you sound?? ICE, the Border Patrol, Homeland Security, AND OUR GOVERNMENT are NOT doing their jobs, Mr. you think know it all!! That is precisely why AZ is passing a law!!! AZ will win hands down!! The Government does not have a leg to stand on!! Have you even read the new AZ law? Do you know what the Federal law is regarding immigration? I can see you haven’t and do not have a clue as to what you are talking about!!! Again, go do some research and get educated, then come back and talk to me…your ignorance continues to shine through!!



What a pathetic society we live in. The president of mexico, in a nutshell, tells us we cannot enforce our laws against his people. Obama kisses his ass and threatens to sue Arizona over a law that already exists, that he does not have the gall to enforce, and does not want anyone else to enforce either. All the bleeding hearts are crying racial profiling, and calling anyone who supports the law a racist. All this while the illegals bleed us dry, and this country is too stupid to see it. The U.S. has politically corrected itself into oblivion. I salute Arizona for doing this. May you stand your ground and not give in. Start telling a bunch of the imbeciles to go to hell.


leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave #8 tustin ca 92780 submitted fake employment records to obtain a US work visa. she also used fake documents and paid a US consul for a tourist visa. she is now applying for naturalization.


@ken wow im amazed you are smarter than the president of mexico and then Barack Obama yeah you are so fucken idiot but who is obama right? oh the guy who graduated from Harvard Law School and is the president of the United States, who the fuck are you? how much education do you have? If presidents are considering that it should ring a fucken little bell in your dumb head! our society is that pathetic because of dumb fucken people like you!


@Fuck Ken, are you masquerading as several different people? You sound as ignorant as, Student and YAS. You’re probably all the same. Anyway, Obama is our “president”, but ILLEGALLY SO!!! Apparently you are not very educated yourself!! Our society is pathetic because of uneducated dumb fucks like yourself!! Go do some research and get educated you ignorant, idiotic moron!!! For starters, read what I wrote to Americana! GO USA, and what D Haab wrote, unless it is too much for your pee brain to handle.


Chris, I agree with you. This is an emotional issue with many people but most are thinking with their emotions only and not interseting in the facts. How about if one of us Americans or any other non-Mexican citizen gets caught illegally in Mexico- teh sentence can be a minimum of 2 years in a Mexican prison. Talk anout hypocrisy, and the Mexican president has the gaul to lecture us on civil rights??? The AZ law does many things to protect the civil rights of people. Does a police officer have the right to ask you for license and registration when pulling over for a violation? I think so, so what's the difference. I guess it's going to take a few American families to get murdered by the Mexican drug cartel before peole willl wake up!


@Tim, I agree that this has become an emotional issue. Had immigration been dealt with properly from the very beginning, it may not have come to this. The simple fact is people are just plain pissed off about it now. Mexico has very strict laws concerning illegal immigration into their country, and they enforce them vigorously! If all the illegal immigrants put as much energy in their own country as they do in coming here and breaking the laws of this land, maybe Mexico would not be such a bad place. They did not build America up, contrary to what they may believe. I would like to see a law passed, that if you are here illegally and you have a child, that child is no more a legal citizen than their illegal parents! Maybe then they would stop coming over here, and having baby after baby that we end up supporting!! That is not the case though, however, I still feel those families should still be deported and when the child turns 18, since they are a US citizen can come back if they want too. It is like all the illegal’s in AZ scrambling and getting out of AZ before the law goes into effect. If they think they are not doing anything wrong, why run? They know they are doing wrong, and when other states start following AZ, eventually, they will be forced to either go back to Mexico, or continue to live a fugitive’s life…not fun! The AZ law does not go against the Federal law, but mirrors it, therefore, unless the Judge that hears the case is corrupt, or paid off, the law will pass!