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Monday, November 1,2010

Campaign to legalize marijuana kicks off Wednesday

By Boulder Weekly Staff
A movement to get marijuana legalization on the 2012 ballot in Colorado begins on Wednesday, Nov. 3, at the Best Western Boulder Inn (770 28th Street, On the 28th Street Frontage Road near Baseline). Titled “Legalize 2012,” the campaign kickoff event will feature Paul Danish, former Boulder County commissioner and Boulder city councilman, who will speak on "The Politics of Cannabis Relegalization."

The event is free to the public from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Organizers are also asking the public to donate $4.20 to the campaign to start early in spreading the word for the need of legalization.

For more information on the event and how to donate to the campaign, visit legalize2012.com.

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Legalization becomes a "no brainer" once you've read these articles from WebMD!

"Marijuana's Active Ingredient Targets Deadly Brain Cancer"

"Marijuana Ingredients Slow Invasion by Cervical and Lung Cancer Cells"

"Marijuana Unlikely to Cause Head, Neck, or Lung Cancer"

"Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors"

"Marijuana Ingredient May Cut Fibromyalgia Pain"

"Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries"

"Chemicals in Marijuana May Fight MRSA"

"Pot-Based Drug Promising for Arthritis" 

"Cannabis May Help Multiple Sclerosis"

"Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's"

"Marijuana Smoking Doesn't Kill"

"Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults"

All of those articles are available in "Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List"- it's a free online resource for anyone wanting to learn more about medical cannabis. Educate yourself!



This is one thing the Buck n' Bennet show will ignore.


Its rather simple to know ( I was on the law committee for NORML) :


One Bill:


"Take Marijuana (Cannibis) off Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act."


Stop the Insanity