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Thursday, December 9,2010

Letters | Prez too big a job for one person



Prez too big a job for one person

Thank you Paul Danish and Boulder Weekly for yet another controversial and thought-provoking editorial (“Is Sarah Palin smart enough to be president?” Danish Plan, Dec. 2).

To me however, the most important issue here isn’t the rising tide of cheeky American mediocrity perfectly personified by Palin. And the debate about whether a college degree has aided presidents of the past is, to me, irrelevant; this is just part of the perennial class warfare debate, which always seems to pit expensive academic theory for the elites against real-life experience for the commoners. Both are needed.

What is enormously relevant is that especially within the context of the current Web 3.0 geopolitical flux, we recognize that being the president of the United States is truly the most difficult job on the planet and clearly requires more than a modicum of “smarts.” I would like to support Danish’s populist encouragement that we are all “smart enough to be president,” and could simply manage our government by following the tenets of the Constitution, but I have to raise a few points first.

The office has become so elevated, and the demands so vast in scope, that I wouldn’t be surprised if we in fact split the position into a triumvirate or council of five by the time I am Danish’s age. I’m not kidding. Newsweek’s Nov. 22 cover summed it up quite well when President Obama was cartooned as “God of All Things,” as a six-armed juggling Shiva, while the magazine quipped that the modern presidency might be too much for one person to handle. Seriously, we expect one person to not only defend the Constitution of the United States and serve as commander-in-chief of our military, but also to protect our country from becoming the most enormous corrupt financial fiefdom in history, constantly delegate said tasks across an antiquated bureaucratic system, make us look good internationally and battle the wing-nuts to ensure we can all get plenty of birth control, valium and other basic necessities whenever we want? The situation is absurd.

To answer your question, I don’t have what it takes to be president under these circumstances. I suspect few do. Fortunately though, there’s an army of us working behind the scenes in our respective spheres to transform American leadership as we come of age in this unique era of increased volatility and reduced opportunity.

Danice Crawford/via Internet

Spank GOP brats

The debate on politics as of late has been centered on the phrase “adult conversation,” primarily from our Republican lawmakers, e.g., “If we can have an adult conservation” about tax cuts, the economy, the START treaties, about this, about that, etc.

Yet, as we witnessed last Friday, Sen. Mitch McConnell and his merry band of lock-step brethren have adhered to the exact same strategy they have embraced since President Obama took his oath of office and which has resulted in his party being branded, quite deservedly, as the “Party of No.” They even put it in writing this time.

Now, anyone who has raised children know that the favorite word of 2-year-olds is ... “no.” Their second favorite word is “why?” I believe the Democratic Party needs to answer Republicans in a language they understand.

The answer to their first demand is:

“Yes, we can.”

The answer to the second is:

“Because we’re the grown-ups, and we said so, that’s why.”

If they continue in their whining, put ’em in time-out or spank ’em — or both if necessary, until they decide to play nice.

The lame duck needn’t be so lame.

Besides, what do Democrats have to lose? The “respect” of 2-year-olds?

Sen. McConnell has shown quite clearly that he and his pals have no respect for President Obama. Their response to Democratic proposals for tax cuts for all Americans was “Chickencr@p”! Real “adult conservation” there.

I vote for “spank ’em.”

Tommy Holeman/Longmont

Standing against racism

I am a season-ticket holder and longtime supporter of the CU women’s basketball team, so when the University of Illinois “Fighting Illini” came, I was at the game as always. I have also been engaged in a fight against the racist depiction of the “Illini” mascot for more than 20 years, so I felt it important to make a statement.

I had a simple sign: “Our mascot is mighty; yours is racist.” Early in the first half, a policeman, acting on behalf

of the athletic department, came over and threatened me with arrest if I didn’t surrender the sign. I agreed and then went to the box office to ask for a refund of my ticket. The athletic department refused.

In 2006, the Executive Committee of the NCAA announced that it would prevent teams with racist mascots — explicitly including the University of Illinois — from participating in postseason play. On Nov. 19, 2010, the Chicago Sun-Times described how pro-Chief forces are trying to make a comeback.

Is a sporting event the right place and the right time?

“While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent statement calling my present activities ‘unwise and untimely.’ … Frankly, I have yet to engage in a direct action campaign that was ‘well timed’ in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation,” wrote the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The University of Colorado made a clear statement when they allowed the “Illini” to make a racist statement by taking the court, while threatening me with arrest for making an anti-racist statement.

I would like an apology and a full refund for the game. I would like for the university to not display the names of racist mascots on the scoreboard, instead substituting the university name.

Tim Hundsdorfer/Boulder

WikiLeaks and Iran

Recently, diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks to major newspapers proved the fact that Iran’s nuclear program is considered a deadly threat to the entire Middle East. They showed that Arab leaders fear Iran much more than they fear Israel.

Talks between Iran and the European Union are about to resume in Geneva. The Obama administration must act to ensure that Tehran does not use these discussions as another delaying tactic as it moves forward with its efforts to develop a nuclear weapon.

President Obama must work on a new, much tougher round of U.N. sanctions against Iran while enforcing the current sanctions. All options must remain on the table and credibly ready for use, if and when necessary.

Finally, President Obama must stand firm in unconditional support of our ally, Israel, in its pursuit of security and peace, a quest that will be of benefit to the populations of its neighbors as well.

Charles Michaels/Greenwood Village

Hyde Park vs. Hawaii

It is absolutely the most interesting and supreme irony that Republicans and others who consistently attacked Obama for being a Chicago “political gangster,” essentially, have found a much gentler, completely cerebral and far more mild-mannered neophyte than they ever could have imagined.

I know because I’m old enough to remember the end of Mayor Daley’s completely and very severely dominated Chicago political machine.

And, hey, as much as everybody could and would fight politically, they always knew that the “Big Dick” was the boss. Well, him and the mob, of course.

There’s almost always a touch of a nostalgic Stockholm Syndrome for those days of passion and unity that I wish Democrats had today without such a forcing of things and/or other corruption(s). They say it’s true that Daley helped steal the election for Kennedy, por ejemplo.

I agree with the observations of my lifelong friends who are from Hyde Park, Freddie and Marcus, who say that Obama is from warm, sunshiny, paradisy Hawaii — not Hyde Park — and he/ we simply do not know if he can take a punch — or more importantly now, if he can actually just throw a few important ones.

Grant D. Cyrus/Boulder

Rotten fruit

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman called “liberalism” the rejection of faith in public life and education. Let’s analyze some of the abundance of rotten fruit they’ve produced over the years.

We have gay “marriage” for starters.

Not only does this contradict God’s laws, but the natural law as well. Why can’t gay couples naturally produce the good fruit of children? Need I say more?

The liberal agenda says that murdering an elderly or disabled person is justified if that person is in a state they deem to be unworthy of living. And they have the nerve to call this “death with dignity” or a “mercy-killing.” Enough of your misleading word games! It’s murder!

And the most destructive and poisonous of fruits liberals have produced is abortion! To think that killing an eagle is a crime, but killing an unborn baby is not, is despicable, and we owe this to those liberals who are being played as Satan’s instrument of death.

Have you ever wondered why crime, violence and murder have spiked since the 1970s? In the book Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah, authors Bob and Penny Lord show a direct correlation between violence in our schools and the removal of God and prayer from schools. They also show the correlation between crime and violence and abortion, because, as Mother Teresa said, “Abortion is the greatest destroyer of love and peace.”

With it being Christmas time, one has to wonder if liberals would have been OK if the Child Jesus would have been a “choice.” With the way many liberals lead their lives, you might even think they would have liked it if Christ wouldn’t have been born at all, that way, they wouldn’t have a Judge to judge their rotten fruit!

Thank God for the Blessed Virgin Mary, who showed us all what it truly means to be feminine, when she said “Yes” to life, unlike the nonsense we hear from NOW and NARAL!

Mike Rachiele/via Internet

Boulder blues

It is so wonderful to know that jazz and blues live venues are expanding in Boulder and Boulder County. The talented musicians we have here are amazing, from age 13 to as old as you can want.

Caffe Sole in Table Mesa and The Mezz at the Hotel Boulderado are offering jazz music at least once or twice a week. Boulder Outlook Hotel has jazz and blues jams on alternate Sunday evenings. The Draft House in downtown Boulder has jazz happy hours almost every Friday.

Carelli’s Italian Ristorante has George Nelson every Thursday and Saturday night. Treppeda’s Italian Ristorante in Niwot has jazz or folk music or blues every Thursday evening. Cuvee (formerly The Blending Cellar) will have jazz and Brazilian all week long when it reopens. Then there is Trattoria on Pearl Street, with occasional jazz nights. So does Nissi’s in Lafayette.

Have I forgotten anyone? My favorite music is live jazz/blues, and, of course, Hawaiian music. I am so thrilled to have a variety of places to hear live music in and around Boulder. Please join me in supporting these venues and their musicians.

Miriam Paisner/Boulder

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