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Monday, November 16,2009

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon': Love at second bite

By John Anderson

Rosenberg said the attraction of Meyer's hugely best-selling books is rooted in their point of view, something which can't be replicated on screen — nor should it be, necessarily.

"The way Stephenie writes is very intimate," Rosenberg said. "You are inside that character's head; there's no editing. You're in her emotions and they're very raw and real and she keeps it intimate and that draws you into the storytelling in such a compelling way that I think that's what gets people engaged."

Beyond that, she said, there's a really rich mythology that Meyer grounds in reality.

"The challenge of doing the screenplay," said Rosenberg, currently splitting her time between Twilight and the TV serial-killer show Dexter ("Yeah, I like blood," she said with a laugh), "is how you maintain that tone when you're not literally inside Bella's head."

Still, she said, the film — not intending to kill the golden goose — has been extremely faithful to the book, a point echoed by Weitz.

"When I read the book — which I did in one gulp, the way a fan would — I saw how it really deals with melancholy and loss and a lot of deep-dish stuff," he said. "I had wanted for quite a while to do a fantasy epic thoughtfully — I thought my last movie, Golden Compass, had been taken from me and recut and I wasn't happy with how it had ended up."

And he said he knew that Summit Entertainment wanted to do right by the book, and the fans.

"I think they'll be startled if they expect it to look like the first movie," he said. "But I think that what they might be surprised at is that it's a very beautiful film."

After ‘New Moon’ comes ‘Eclipse’

It's never too early to get hysterical: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released June 30, furthering the advance of Stephenie Meyer's vampire chronicle into pop-culture immortality. As the story picks up, a string of gruesome murders has Seattle on edge and Edward Cullen suspects a young vampire out of control. Edward and Bella apply to college; Bella wants to see Jacob; Edward proposes to Bella; Jacob licks his wounds.

Giving too much away will likely ruin New Moon for those who haven't read it, although protecting the plot can't be a big concern, given the readership. More critical to Summit Entertainment, the films' producer, is getting the adaptations made while the young stars are still young (rather than face the situation of Harry Potter, which won't end before Daniel Radcliffe is getting mail from AARP).

Piggybacking the filming of the four Meyer tales, Eclipse was completed — with director David Slade at the helm — before New Moon was even released. No doubt Breaking Dawn, the fourth novel and one to which Summit owns the rights, will begin shooting before Eclipse hits the screen, although a director has yet to be announced.

Via McClatchy-Tribune News Service.

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