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Friday, April 15,2011

Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. in a war over alleged 'discussions' for star's comeback

By McClatchy-Tribune News Service

LOS ANGELES — This is the level to which the Charlie Sheen case has sunk: The former sitcom star and his ex-bosses are slinging mud over whether they have even talked about him coming back to work.

Sheen has been telling reporters that he has had "discussions" about returning to his role as irrepressible bachelor Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men," the CBS sitcom smash from which he was fired after months of erratic behavior and drug-abuse treatment.

Nonsense, says Warner Bros., the studio that makes the show. "There have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series," John W. Spiegel, a lawyer representing the studio, wrote in a letter sent to Sheen attorney Marty Singer on Thursday.

But Singer told the website TMZ: "There have been discussions as late as Tuesday."

"Marty Singer's comments speak the truth," Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, wrote to the Los Angeles Times in an email.

At this point, it's impossible to say for sure whether there's something here or this isn't just more dust kicked up by Sheen and his handlers. What is clear is that CBS has to reveal its fall schedule in a month, by which time some decision on the future of TV's No. 1 comedy will have to be made. And announced.


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 He made them over a billion dollars from what I understand, and his behavior however erratic it was never but the show in jeopardy so why do they not want to let him come back and finnish his contract. In just about any job some one has there personal conduct outside work has no bearing on whether or not someone is going to keep there job. The thing of it is if they dont want him back then they owe him some money.



why don`t these producers relised that charlie sheen is two and a half men best actor he made the show every one falls on hard times i don`t even watch it no more unless it is old shows with charlie in it, that is the only two and men show i want to watch ashton is a excellent actor but this isn`t that 70`s show. 



They're just crying now because they've realised what they let go. Sheen got 90 episodes for being on screen for a total of 5 hours!!

His return to Men (even though he probably wouldnt go back) would be the most watched event in recent television! It would be so controversial, yet so many people want it! It would put men back on the prime TV spot after being smacked down by the stupid decision to fire him.