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Tuesday, July 12,2011

Netflix to sharply increase prices for DVDs, streaming

By McClatchy-Tribune News Service

RALEIGH, N.C. — Netflix Inc. has announced they are changing their subscription plan in a way that sharply increases the monthly rate for those wanting both DVD rentals by mail and the company's streaming content.

Currently, Netflix charges $9.99 per month for unlimited DVD rentals by mail, with one DVD rented at a time, plus unlimited streaming content. Customers access streaming content online, through gaming consoles such as Sony's PlayStation or Nintendo's Wii, or via mobile devices.

The new plan, which takes effect for current subscribers on Sept. 1, charges $7.99 per month for DVDs only and an additional $7.99 for streaming. New subscribers get the new rates immediately.

Netflix said the old plan didn't "make great financial sense" for them.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement has prompted criticism from current subscribers, who say they wouldn't mind paying more for the instant content if Netflix's streaming catalog were larger.


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