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Friday, September 30,2011

Polis announces birth of son

By Boulder Weekly Staff

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, and his partner Marlon Reis announced today, Sept. 30, the birth of their first child, a baby boy. The baby, born weighing 8-pounds 12-ounces, is named Caspian Julius. Both parents and newborn are reportedly doing well.

In the birth announcement, Polis and Reis wrote, “Baby has learned to cry already!”

The couple announced that they were expecting a baby back in June, but declined to reveal whether they were becoming parents through adoption or surrogate pregnancy.

Polis is one of few openly gay members of Congress.

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Homosexual freaks. How dare these perverts have anything to do with bringing a child into this world without a mother and a father?


The last post show just how stupid some people are go back under what ever rock you crowed out of.


Kaa-Kaw, Kaa-Kaw!!! Anonymous, how does one get "crowed out" of a rock?


Most of us are socially conservative and tend to agree with David. We have nothing to do with rocks


congratulation. motormy , motorup , motorterkini


Congratulation! Being a parent is a new and fulfilling experience. Every couple prepare for this event, buying milk bottles and cribs, Red Sox baby clothes and pacifiers is something that almost every couple does before the baby is born. Only a few buy these products after the baby is born because they are superstitious.



Congratulations from Illinois!


Thanks for getting to this Kery. We are so busy with other things.


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Best Wishes!  Congratulations on the new addition.



How disgusting.  A child should be raised with a Mother and Father.  Not a father and father, or mother and mother.  What ever happened to morals and self respect


Since you freaktard heterosexuals have created a situation in which 4 out of 10 kids are born to unwed mothers, I'd suggest that you freaktards learn to control your reproductive habits. I'm so guessing that you have an illegitimate baby in your household.


I have forwarded your comments along to Bristol Palin. Perhaps she won't repeat her mistake again like most women who have illegitimate babies.


I agree Samantha. Who will breast feed this baby?



Caspian Julius???  No, he's not going to be teased by the other kids with that one.  "Hey, Orange Julius!" What are you leftists dorks thinking when you give kids these stupid names?

Why no mention of how is the rented uterus is doing?

God, you Boulder people have turned into morons. 





It takes a special talent to turn something apolitical like a name into something partisan. Hat's off to you, sir.


Sorry, but I agree with the poster. Let's see, what type of people saddle their children with names like Apple, Hud, Hopper, Homer, Spec, Aleph, and of course Moon Unit Zappa. Liberal celebrities. By the way, Cass is just Cass (as in Sunstein), it is not short for Caspian, but the kid will probably want to go by that (Cas?). In my experience with very liberal friends as expectant parents, it seems there is just something in their minds that says: My offspring must have a special name. None of this John, Paul, George stuff - too biblical or oppressive. (Maybe Ringo?) Of course the kids all wind up using nicknames as tots and may even legally change their names as teenagers. Same thing happened with some of my friends - children of hippie couples in the 1960s. Or maybe Polis & "partner" (I hate that new usage - causes lots of confusion - are just fanatic C.S. Lewis fans and needed to name their baby accordingly. Yeah, and how does the surrogate mom just get cut out of the whole announcement deal? Must be in the contract.


I'm not sure they used a surrogate. Does anyone know? I believe they simply arranged to adopt the baby before it was born. Surrogates are typically used by straight couples who are unable to conceive.


Gay surrogacy is now available at many fertility clinics. The surrogate mother is artificially inseminated by one of the two gay men. The surrogate mother is given fertility treatments at about two weeks before insemination. A binding legal contract is required through an attorney with the mother to avoid problems. Lots of info on this on the Net.