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Thursday, October 6,2011

Vote 2011: City of Louisville

By Boulder Weekly Staff


Louisville Mayor

Bob Muckle

Sheri Marsella x

Sheri Marsella, 54, has been mayor pro tem of Louisville for the past four years and on the City Council for nine. Her focus is on maintaining Louisville’s quality of life, while assuring economic sustainability into the future. If elected mayor, Marsella says one of the first issues she wants to tackle is the building of a pedestrian underpass at the Washington/McCaslin intersection, to take pedestrians and cyclists out of the mix of heavy traffic while on their way to Harper Lake and Davidson Mesa. Marsella is a trained attorney who says her experience lies in municipal, finance and transit as well as having long-standing relationships with local, regional and state officials.

The town of Louisville was named the number one small town in the country, and Bob Muckle, 51, wants to maintain that standing. Muckle’s focus is in preserving a balance between regional retail and housing, along with working with the development of the ConocoPhillips campus to enable that project, while ensuring that the needs of the community are met. Muckle has been on the City Council for the past six years and would continue to work on safeguarding Louisville’s historic resources and small-town character. He is for an open and transparent government and against rezoning revenue-generating commercial land to deficit-producing residential development.

We’re going with Marsella because of her experience as mayor pro tem and her years on the City Council. Plus, an underpass at Washington/McCaslin would be a welcome addition to that area.

Louisville City Council

Ward 1

Bill Scanlon

Jay Keany x

Bill Scanlon, 60, is a former columnist for the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News and currently works for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Scanlon wants to maintain Louisville’s historic small-town character and is against turning the empty Sam’s Club and Safeway space into residential developments. He’s also for expanding the open space surrounding the town and making Louisville more friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians. Scanlon says he will bring a fresh perspective to the City Council.

Jay Keany, 53, also wants to maintain Louisville’s small-town feel while still being business-friendly. He wants to make sure the town is doing everything it can to help ConocoPhillips in the development of its campus, along with filling the vacant retail spaces around town. Keany brings the experience of being on the council from 1993 to 2005, serving as president of the Downtown Business Association, chairman of the Louisville Housing Authority, and a member of the city’s Finance Committee and Legal Review Committee.

We’re endorsing Jay Keany for his previous experience on City Council and his involvement in other local organizations.

Ward II

Susan Loo x

Dean Smith

Susan Loo, 58, has been on the Louisville Planning Commission for the past eight years. She’s proud that her work on the commission contributed to Louisville being named the number one small town in the U.S. and is hoping to work to maintain that status. If on the council, she wants to focus on making business-friendly policies and strengthening the town’s retail presence to increase revenues. She would also like to focus on basic services, prioritizing repair and replacement of aging streets, equipment and facilities.

Dean Smith, 41, is co-founder and president of the public relations firm New Stage Media and is dedicated to balancing regional retail and residential properties by filling the vacant retail spaces with businesses and being cautious of replacing them with residential development. He would also like to connect any application for the demolition of historic buildings to the process of approving the overall development. He says developers shouldn't be able to apply for a demolition permit without a development proposal. He also values the open space surrounding the town.

We are endorsing Susan Loo for her experience on the Louisville Planning Commission and her contributions to Louisville’s small-town status in the U.S.

Ward III

Hank Dalton, 72, is running unopposed and previously served on the City Council and Louisville Planning Commission. He wants to focus on filling the vacant retail spaces with new businesses.

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Correction: What I actually said was that developers should NOT be able to apply for a demolition permit without also submitting the development proposal that will replace the demolished building. It's important that we work with builders to find ways that they and the city can benefit through the preservation of historic buildings.


We apologize Dean, that was a typo. It should have said "shouldn't." We've corrected it.


Thanks for correcting this!



So basically, PRO-DEVELOPMENT candidates funded by bulldozers. Great vision of the future Boulder Weekly (Sarcasm)! Good thing it's Halloween or I'd take it seriously...