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Friday, February 10,2012

Sustainable home construction booms

With the construction industry still recovering in the U.S., companies offering “green” services may be able to set themselves apart and grow business faster, according to a survey conducted by McGraw Hill Construction.

In 2011, green builds in the residential sector made up 17 percent of construction, totaling $17 billion in economic activity. And the value of the residential green building market is expected to grow fivefold by 2016, taking up to 38 percent of the market and representing $87 billion to $114 billion.

McGraw Hill defines a green building as “one built to LEED standards, an equivalent green building certification program, or one that incorporates numerous green building elements across five category areas: energy efficiency, water efficiency, resource efficiency, responsible site management and improved indoor air quality.”


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This might be true, but how many people can afford to buy a sustainable house?


Everyone would like to live in a sustainable house that is energy efficient and has a quality indoor air, but like Mike said, not many people can afford to buy such a house. The most often thing people do, is to update their homes. Some of them probably already bought roll forming lubricants for their electric saws, used in so many activities, increasing their homes energy efficiency.


Most of today's residential buildings are according to LEED standards, but how can an average taxpayer afford such investment? Still, many homeowners try to improve their living standards by making their homes sustainable. Using a specialist's guidelines for indoor air quality in Pasadena many of them have successfully solved any unhealthy indoor conditions that were a threat for them and their families. Now, they can all enjoy living in a much cleaner environment, as everyone should.



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