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Thursday, March 8,2012

‘Birth control moms’ fight back

By Pamela White

On Feb. 20, Rush Limbaugh said there was no such voting block as “birth control moms,” suburban married mothers for whom contraception is a key issue.

I wonder what he thinks now that 98 advertisers and Hawaiian and Massachusetts radio stations have dropped his show.

Nine days after denying the existence of “birth control moms,” Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” after she testified before Democratic Congressional leaders as to why she felt it was vital for contraception to be included in all insurance plans, even those provided by religious institutions. Limbaugh dug the hole deeper when he suggested that young women like Fluke, who are having so much sex they can’t afford enough birth control — sorry, Rush, but the pill isn’t like your Viagra, you don’t take it every time you have sex — provide online sex tapes so that he could get something out of subsidizing their sex lives.

The response was immediate — deep, searing outrage. It wasn’t just feminists who were angry or Democratic women or moderate to left women. It was most women. Wives and college students. Stay-at-home moms and working women. Fashionistas and military officers. It was birth control moms.

Letter-writing campaigns began immediately, with Facebook groups and friends posting and sharing the contact information for the sponsors of Limbaugh’s show. Women I know who seemed not to have a political bone in their bodies surprised me by sending me copies of emails they wanted me to proofread. My own post on Facebook netted more comments than anything I’ve ever posted, with women of all political stripes expressing their disgust.

A personal friend and fellow novelist, Capt. Jessica Scott, an Army officer who has served in Iraq, garnered international attention and landed in the Twitter top 100 with her tweets under #iamnotaslut.

“I am a mother of 2, an Army officer who has deployed. I use #birthcontrol to be a good soldier and responsible parent. #iamnotaslut,” read her first tweet.

She followed this with, “I used #birthcontrol while deployed with my husband so I *wouldn’t* get pregnant & sent home. #iamnotaslut.”

That following Monday, a group of female military veterans issued a statement calling for Limbaugh’s show to be pulled from the airwaves of the American Forces Network for its sexist, objectionable content that is contrary to the mission of the U.S. military.

Women have had enough. It’s not just this single incident involving a foulmouthed gasbag that has suburban moms ready to kick ass and take names. Limbaugh’s sexist stupidity was just the last straw. In the past month, women have watched in disgust as lawmakers, political candidates, pundits and others have launched what feels very much like a war against our sex with “personhood” bills that would limit our health care and contraceptive options; with stupid jokes about keeping our legs together; with transvaginal ultrasound bills that even Republican women said are tantamount to state-sponsored sexual assault; with the offensive suggestion that a woman who spreads her legs for sex shouldn’t mind spreading her legs for a transvaginal probe; and with comments from a presidential candidate that contraception should be an issue for states to decide.

But women are fighting back. Women lawmakers have introduced a variety of invasive health-related bills targeting men, including a bill that would require a rectal exam and other testing before a man can receive drugs for erectile dysfunction and another that would ban men from ejaculating anywhere but inside a woman’s vagina. The Wilmington City Council in Delaware declared that sperm are people, too, passing a resolution that calls on their state legislature to pass a “personhood” bill for sperm that forbids men to destroy their semen.

Though the bills won’t make it onto the floor of any state legislature, they give men just the barest taste of how ridiculous and enraging we women find proposed bills that meddle with our bodies and our health care.

“What GOP war on women?” asked one male commentator.

The war in which conservative lawmakers and pundits try to drag women kicking and screaming back into our grandmother’s century for the sake of some kind of misogynist religious ideology.

I hate to break it to them, but they’re going to lose this war. The birth control moms will win.

Respond: This opinion column does not necessarily reflect the views of Boulder Weekly.

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Where's all that feminine "outrage" about the hostile insults that liberal men and women hurl at conservative women?

Two wrongs don't make a right.

"The fact is, “slut” is one of the nicer things I’ve been called over 20 years of public life. In college during the late 1980s, it was “race traitor,” “coconut” (brown on the outside white on the inside) and “white man’s puppet.”After my first book, “Invasion,” came out in 2001, it was “immigrant-hater,” the “Radical Right’s Asian Pitbull,” “Tokyo Rose” and “Aunt Tomasina.” In my third book, 2005′s “Unhinged,” I published entire chapters of hate mail rife with degrading, unprintable sexual epithets and mockery of my Filipino heritage.

If I had a dollar for every time libs have called me a “Manila whore” and “Subic Bay bar girl,” I’d be able to pay for a ticket to a Hollywood-for-Obama fundraiser. To the HuffPo left, whore is my middle name.

Self-serving opponents argue that such attacks do not represent “respectable,” “mainstream” liberal opinion about their conservative female counterparts. But it was feminist godmother Gloria Steinem who called Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a “female impersonator.” It was NOW leader Patricia Ireland who commanded her flock to only vote for “authentic” female political candidates. It was Al Gore consultant Naomi Wolf who accused the late Jeane Kirkpatrick of being “uninflected by the experiences of the female body.”

It was Matt Taibbi, now of Rolling Stone magazine, who mocked my early championing of the tea party movement by jibing: “Now when I read her stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of (redacted) in her mouth. It vastly improves her prose.”

It was Keith Olbermann, then at MSNBC and now at Al Gore’s Current TV, who wrote on Twitter that columnist S.E. Cupp was “a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does” and who called me a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it.” He stands by those remarks. Olbermann has been a special guest at the White House.

Some of us have not forgotten when liberal Wisconsin radio host John “Sly” Sylvester outrageously accused GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch of performing “fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee” and sneered that she had “pulled a train” (a crude phrase for gang sex). (Earlier, he called former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a “black trophy” and “Aunt Jemima.”)

Or when MSNBC misogynist Ed Schultz called talk show host Laura Ingraham a “talk slut” for criticizing Obama’s petty beer summit. Or when Playboypublished a list of the top 10 conservative women who deserved to be “hate-f**ked.” The article, which was promoted by Anne Schroeder Mullins at, included Ingraham, “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and others. Yours truly topped the list with the following description: a “highly f**kable Filipina” and “a regular on Fox News, where her tight body and get-off-my-lawn stare just scream, ‘Do me!’”

And then there’s the left’s war on Sarah Palin, which would require an entire national forest of trees to publish.

A reporter asked Obama to comment on examples of liberal hate speech at Tuesday’s press conference. He whiffed, of course. This is, after all, the brave leader who sat on his hands while his street thugs attacked tea party mothers and grandmothers as “Koch whores” during the fight over union reform in Wisconsin. (As I reported last week, his re-election campaign is now targeting the Koch brothers’ private foundation donors in a parallel effort to chill conservative speech and activism.) He’s leading by example.

So no, we won’t get any phone calls from Mr. Civility. Acknowledging the war on conservative women would obliterate The Narrative. Enjoy the silence."




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If it makes economic sense for an insurance company and/or an employer to offer contraception as part of their health coverage, then they can do it.  People make the argument that it makes economic sense. Assuming that is true, then we don't need the government leading us by the nose to that conclusion.  Furthermore, forcing this type of coverage upon insurers and employers would violate the religious freedom guaranteed by our constitution - and the freedom of insurers and employers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  A free individual has the right to choose an insurance company that opts to carry contraception benefits.  They also have the right to seek out an insurer or employer that doesn't cover contraception - if that is an important factor to them. Forcing everyone to subsidize something they may or may not support is not right.  We have relatively free markets for the very purpose of giving people choices, not forced outcomes.  With that freedom comes responsibility. Live, and let live. Live and learn.



I thought the Republicans were elected to get people jobs.  It seems the only job they're interested in is monitoring what I do with my body.

Are men who use viagra slut's too?



The entire issue was funny if it wasn't so sad.  People have their own basic right to choose what they do with their body. It also includes how many pregnancies will have.

<a href="">Bryant</a>



My own post on Facebook netted more comments than anything I’ve ever posted, with women of all political stripes expressing their disgust.carders forum


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