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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Sprint Like You Mean It: How and When to Go

The Expert: Thirty-four-year-old Willow Koerber Rockwell (Trek World Racing) may have just returned to World Cup racing after taking last season off to focus on her pregnancy (Raven Starr Rockwell was born on Dec. 31), but that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to rock this season. In fact, she’s especially motivated, with a potential spot on the U.S. Olympic Team within her grasp.

If that seems unlikely, you don’t know Rockwell. At the 2010 World Championships at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Rockwell was holding a solid second place with less than a lap to go when an unfortunate crash left her tangled in the barrier on the side of the course. While she was extricating herself, two racers passed her. But then Rockwell turned on the sprint of her life (“I just saw red and had to pass,” she says), and in a matter of minutes worked her way back into contention to finish with the bronze. It was impressive, to say the least. Looking to add a bit of sprint mastery to your own riding life? Here’s Rockwell’s advice on how to do it.


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