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Wednesday, April 11,2012

George Zimmerman to Be Charged in the Death of Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin shooting will finally head for a courtroom now that Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey has decided to charge George Zimmerman in the February 26th shooting of Trayvon Martin. The Washington Post's Sari Horwitz reports that Corey will hold a press conference to announce the charges, but so far none are known.

NBC News and other outlets are reporting that the conference will be held tonight at 6pm EST. Associated Press' Kyle Hightower and Brendan Farrington didn't have much to add, but they spoke to a law enforcement official "with knowledge of the investigation," who confirmed that the charges would be announced this evening. Both reports tiptoed around the topic of police tracking down Zimmerman to arrest him when the time comes, a task that seems more and more daunting by the day. 

Miami Herald reporter Frances Robles tweets that Zimmerman will face only one charge. So far, Zimmerman has not been charged in Sanford, Florida, where the crime took place because of the state's "stand your ground" law.


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There are hundreds of articles about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. The outrage is not because a white man killed a black man -- but because the Sanford police department covered up the murder. 

- What if the police department were the NYPD? 

- What if the victim had been kidnapped and threatened with death by NYPD detectives? 

- What if the victim requested protection form the FBI? 

- What if the victim posted a Youtube video NAMING the people who were going to kill him? 

- What if the victim was then bludgeoned to death on a deserted street, miles from his home? 

- What if the ER doctor lied about the cause of death, claiming the victim died of an “aneurism” with "no trauma". 

- What if NYPD detectives illegally removed the body from the hospital hours after death and sent it to the morgue for cremation, claiming claiming "natural death". 

- What if the Medical Examiner contradicted the NYPD and the ER and ruled the cause of death “Blunt force trauma with skull fractures and brain injuries” & the manner of death "suspicious".

- What if the NYPD denied all FOIL requests for information? 

- What if THEN - as in the Trayvon Martin case - the police refused to investigate? 

Those are the precise circumstances of the death of corruption whistleblower Sunny Sheu, yet not ONE mainstream media venue has reported this story.