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Monday, October 1,2012

Why is anti-Semitism illegal and Islamophobia not in Europe?

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We all know that the recent YouTube trailer The Innocence of Muslims and the repeated publishing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad are tests of free speech. 

Do writers, cartoonists and filmmakers have the right to insult a religion's beliefs and history? Almost all of us would say, clearly, yes. The First Amendment in the U.S. and similar principles of free speech abroad protect those expressions.

Then what about anti-Semitic expression? In many European countries, laws specifically prohibit anti-Jewish speech, particularly Holocaust denial. European countries have thrown people in jail for questioning the Holocaust. So why isn't Islam afforded the same protection?

See the story at Slate.

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There's difference between making fun of an idea or icon (like a religious practice or a prophet) and demonizing of a people based on their immutable characteristics (like Jewish ancestry). I could make a cheap film portraying Moses as a war-mongering firstborn-baby-killing genocidal tyrannical fascist delusional maniac (which is not too far from the Moses of biblical fiction) and that would not come anywhere close to anti-Semitic, as the term is commonly understood. All Innocence of Muslims did was crassly ridicule a religious icon. That does not come close to condoning, covering up or inciting violence on Muslims themselves.


yea but they are demonizing muslims every day.


"phobia" means irrational fear. Therefore the term "islamophobia" is irrelevant as danger of Islam is real; not only for non Muslims but for Muslims too.



I think it's ridiculous that anti semitism is illegal and anything against Islam is not.


This is indeed a very sensitive topic that has to be handled wit at most care. I can clearly say one thing, that no one has the right to insult or humiliate a religion only because of the reason that they hate it. Meaningful Use


The danger from Christians is far greater than Islam. The Christians have all the nukes and have already decimated Muslims around the globe. YOU and your thinking are the real danger on Earth.