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Tuesday, October 2,2012

Elway endorses Romney, to no one's surprise

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Basketball legend Charles Barkley once told a story about his mother confronting him about supporting Republicans.

"Republicans are for rich people," Barkley's mother tells him.

"Momma," he says, "We are rich!"

Barkley's words, like so few of his over the years, ring true today, as Denver Broncos legend and rich person John Elway has announced his support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. This should come as a shock to the three people who didn't know Elway was rich and a very outspoken proponent of the War on Terror.

Denver's C.E.L.L. anti-terrorism center was funded by Elway.

See the story at The Hill.

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The Broncos totally slammed the Steelers, especially in the 4th quarter, and sent the Raiders to their room crying, especially in the 3rd quarter. From what I see, Elway's having a pretty good year so far. Being the only Quarterback to score rushing touchdowns in four separate Super Bowls, I'd say John Elway, like Mitt Romney, is an exceptional leader who is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Good pick, John!


Elway's gunning for another tax cut, nothing more.



Very good endorsement to get in Colorado, but don't hold your breath as everything in the NFL can be reviewed and overturned if Mitt fumbles something. It's also worth noting the endorsement that Mitt did not get. He did not get the funny endorsement of the FluffingtonPost. But does that mean Barack did get it? Read and find out: http://www.chicagonow.com/fluffington-post/2012/09/presidential-endorsement/.