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Thursday, March 12,2015

Taking aim

County commissioners ban bow and arrow use in Sugarloaf community

By Matt Cortina
Is a bow and arrow a firearm? Yes, according to the Boulder County Commissioners, but only on Sugarloaf Mountain. The commissioners voted unanimously on Monday, March 9, to adopt a resolution that will ban the use of bows and arrows in a small community up on Sugarloaf Mountain. The resolution “clarifies” a 1980 resolution that established a firearms discharge district in the area that prohibited the use of firearms in the 4-and-a-halfsquare-mile area of private and public land in the area.
Thursday, March 12,2015

Not in this Statehouse

Bill to weaken renewable energy standards came from ALEC

By Elizabeth Miller
The state bill that would have rolled back Colorado’s renewable energy standards to half of their proposed levels was co-sponsored by legislators who have been linked to the fossil fuel-funded American Legislative Exchange Council. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) describes itself as “the nation’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators. The organization advances limited government, free markets and federalism,” in a letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt written in response to his comments on the company’s choice in September to part ways with the organization.
Thursday, March 12,2015

news briefs

genes are almost always present in bison. The animals that will comprise the Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd have been quarantined for more than a decade, tested for bovine brucellosis, which affects bison, cattle and elk and can cause spontaneous abortions.
Thursday, March 12,2015

Coming together

Steel Workers join environmentalists

By Dave Anderson
A militant alliance of unionized workers and environmentalists is emerging out of the first national oil refinery strike since 1980. An Unfair Labor Practices strike began on Feb. 1 after talks broke down between the United Steel Workers (USW) and Royal Dutch Shell, which is the lead industry negotiator.
Thursday, March 12,2015

A supreme political fraud to gut Obamacare

By Jim Hightower
they’ve been harmed by the health care law. Thus, David King, a 64-year-old Vietnam vet, was recruited to be the lead plaintiff in King v. Burwell, which is now in the Supreme Court’s hands. He and three co-plaintiffs were chosen to put sympathetic human faces on what essentially is a right-wing political ploy.
Thursday, March 5,2015

101-word fiction contest

Submit your words; win some of ours

Boulder Weekly is launching its first annual fiction contest this spring.  Entries should be 101 words or fewer. Yes you can enter more than once. Need inspiration? Try these guys: www.101word
Thursday, March 5,2015

In case you missed it

reminding us that if you are the Democratic nominee for president, the people of the United States will be forced, once again, to accept four more years of dishonest, manipulative, unproductive, anti-progressive politics no matter which major party wins the election.
Thursday, March 5,2015

Boulder profits from first year of legal cannabis

By Leland Rucker
The Colorado Department of Revenue released a comprehensive report on its first year of retail cannabis operations. It’s probably not as compelling as the latest cat video, but it’s pretty fascinating if you’re interested in seeing how legal marijuana actually fared its first year.
Thursday, March 5,2015


By Dan Savage
My boyfriend and I have been together three years. We plan to start a family, we are very happy together, we go on many adventures together — all that good stuff. For the past year or so, I feel like I’ve been losing my sex drive. Not just toward him but in general.
Thursday, March 5,2015


By Rob Brezsny
That’s your keynote for the coming weeks, Virgo. That’s your wake-up call and the rose-scented note under your pillow and the message scrawled in lipstick on your bathroom mirror.