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Thursday, May 7,2015

Show and tell

‘Listen to Your Mother’ provides insight into the various aspects of motherhood

By Amanda Moutinho
Storytelling is one of the most ancient traditions among us. Stories form connections. Whether passed down from generations or an anecdote from the grocery store, stories help break down the barriers between shared human experiences. It’s through their stories that the cast of Listen to Your Mother hopes to bring people together.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Upcoming Events

Crested Butte Adaptive Sports Center is bringing their all-terrain hand cycles out for test-rides on Sunday, May 10 from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. Bikes include aggressive chest-steered options and recumbent bikes will be available during this “open house” at Marshall Mesa, hosted by Boulder’s Open Space Mountain Parks.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Reaching higher

Access Fund and Patagonia present ‘Solid Protection’ event to empower rock climbers as conservationists

By Mary Reed
Are rock climbers the future of the conservation movement? Brady Robinson, executive director of the Boulder-based Access Fund, thinks so. “At the very beginning, we were motivated by access threats, by our access [to climbing areas] being restricted,” Robinson says of his organization. “In my view, to do a good job with access, you have to do a good job with conservation. If the place isn’t taken care of, what good is it to have access to it?”
Thursday, May 7,2015


This new figure comes from Mark C. Urban of the University of Connecticut, who analyzed 131 published studies on how climate change will affect biodiversity. His investigation showed species in Australia, New Zealand and South America would be worst affected, primarily because there are organisms there found nowhere else on Earth.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Getting to ‘zero’

A new ordinance requiring businesses to recycle and compost could propel Boulder toward a zero waste future

By Steven Grossman
Despite initiatives aggressively geared toward making Boulder earn its green reputation, the new Universal Zero Waste Ordinance, which got universal approval during a first reading in front of the Boulder City Council on May 5, suggests the community may need an extra push to achieve its zero waste aspirations.
Thursday, May 7,2015


Locals, environmental groups continue to question the wisdom of Eldora’s proposed expansion

By Elizabeth Miller
If Eldora Mountain Resort’s expansion moves forward, it’ll be at the objections of local business owners and residents, who have congealed in the citizens’ group Middle Boulder Creek Coalition and been joined by the Indian Peaks Group of the Sierra...
Thursday, May 7,2015

Caring for Kumari

A Longmont-based nonprofit group provides emergency relief to a marginalized community in Nepal

By Caitlin Rockett
Randy Baker hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep since April 25, but as he’s discovered, that’s what happens when there’s an earthquake in Nepal and you run a nonprofit organization. The Longmont resident is co-founder of Health & Ed 4 Nepal, an NGO formed in 2009 to help the people of Kumari, a remote mountain community in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, which is closer to the epicenter of April’s massive quake than the nation’s capital of Kathmandu.
Thursday, May 7,2015


Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be a disaster. It would transfer virtually all Congressional authority over the secret TPP to the president. Congress would be unable to offer amendments or ensure that the TPP benefits the American people.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Hippies and street people

By Dave Anderson
On April 21, KGNU Radio hosted a 1960s-themed party at the History Colorado Center at 1200 Broadway in Denver. Psychedelic music played while people visited a touring exhibit entitled 1968: The Year That Rocked History and a locally-produced show on the Chicano movement in Colorado.
Thursday, May 7,2015

The road to the Danish Plan

By Paul Danish
It would be wrong to say that Boulder wasn’t concerned about growth until 1971. In the 1950s and 1960s Boulder was plenty concerned about growth — specifically about how to get more of it. And over the next 20 years, Boulder got the growth it wanted — good and hard.