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Thursday, August 13,2015


Malaysia, one of the 12 member nations of the TPP, was cited by the State Department as one of the worst countries in human trafficking. In a transparent attempt to garner support and make the passage of the TPP more palatable the Obama administration issued a report on human trafficking upgrading the status of Malaysia.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Socialism in the US?

By Dave Anderson
Barack Obama makes jokes every year at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner about the rightwing accusations that he is a socialist, a Muslim and foreignborn. This year, he mentioned Senator Bernie Sanders running for president. “I like Bernie. Bernie’s an interesting guy,” Obama said. “Apparently, some folks want to see a pot-smoking socialist in the White House. We could get a third Obama term after all.”
Thursday, August 13,2015

Big political donors buying elections... and public policies

By Jim Hightower
He heads an obscure, corporate-funded group pushing to wipe out the few remaining limits on the special interests that put extremely big bucks into political campaigns. It’s only fair to turn the fat-cat donors loose, he explains, because an unlimited infusion of cash (from, say, the.
Thursday, August 6,2015


An irreverent and not always accurate view of the world

The National Coalition for Safer Roads deemed the second week of August “National Stop on Red Week” starting in 2012. That’s right, Aug. 2-8, 2015 is set aside to remind all of us drivers that “redlight running is dangerous.” You can even sign the online pledge to “always stop on red.
Thursday, August 6,2015

Few answers in CDC report on young man’s death

By Leland Rucker
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its report on a 19-yearold male student who leapt to his death from a Denver hotel window after ingesting a marijuana cookie in March 2014. The report, “Notes from the Field: Death Following Ingestion of an Edible Marijuana Product — Colorado, March 2014,” took 16 months to complete, but it seems more perfunctory than revelatory. And it leaves too many questions unanswered. (Read the full report at
Thursday, August 6,2015


By Dan Savage
Does a person who acts loving only when high on weed really love you? My live-in boyfriend of three years acts sweet, loving and caring when he’s high, but when the weed runs out, he’s mean, angry, hurtful and horrible to be around.
Thursday, August 6,2015


By Rob Brezsny
If you’re not skirting the edges of the forbidden zone, you’re playing it too safe. If you’re not serving as a benevolent mischief-maker for someone you care about, you’re shirking your duty. Your allegiance should be with X-factors and wild cards. You will thrive to the degree that you cultivate alliances with mavericks and instigators.
Thursday, August 6,2015

Beer for dinner

On the road to the Great American Beer Festival

By Tiffany Lutke
Food and wine go hand in hand. While perusing the wine aisle at the liquor store, you’ll think about what you’ll be having for dinner, and make your selection based on what would pair best. But when it comes to food and beer, pairing beer with dinner is oftentimes an afterthought — or, at least, not as apparent. While craft beer is increasingly gaining respect in the culinary world, there’s a long way to go toward making food and beer pairings second nature, like we think of wine and food.
Thursday, August 6,2015

Superfood does a body good… or does it?

A look at the dark alter egos of superfoods

By Renee Moen
Superfood; the term is thrown about with such abandon it seems to have lost most of its influence. Yesterday’s must-have health consumable is today’s discount fodder. Foods that have been dubbed as superfoods are equated with health and well-being, but is it possible to get too much of a good thing?.
Thursday, August 6,2015

Tidbites | Week of August 6, 2015

Ten coffee and tea shops in Boulder will participate in the event on Saturday, Aug. 8. Participating shops include Ozo Coffee Roasters, Buchanan’s Coffee Pub, The Coffee Ride, The Cup, Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe, Pekoe Sip House, Trident Booksellers and Café and The Unseen Bean.