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Thursday, November 5,2015

Fully stocked

In Season Local Market has all the building blocks for about everything

By Matt Cortina
You aren’t likely to stumble upon this place. From the outside, In Season Local Market in North Boulder looks like it could sell solar panels or dog food as much as it looks like what it actually is: a simple market with every type of grain and seed for sale, with an easy-going style of service and a simple, cheap deli.
Thursday, November 5,2015

I hate myself and I want to scream

The complete joylessness of ‘I Smile Back’

By Michael J. Casey
Not every movie needs a happy ending, nor should we expect one, but movies should offer some sort of insight for the viewer. In the case of 'I Smile Back,' there is no insight, just the endurance contest of watching a woman with mental illness and addiction.
Thursday, November 5,2015

American Life in Poetry: Column 546

By Robert King
They say that when undergoing cancer treatment, the patient’s attitude is all-important. Here Robert King, a poet now living in Colorado, looks with wit and bemusement at his chemotherapy. His most recent book is Some of These Days, (Conundrum Press, 2013).
Thursday, November 5,2015


As headlines from all over the world cover the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS, CU is taking a deeper look with their panel: ISIS from Multiple Perspectives.
Thursday, November 5,2015


Marc Sotkin has been a writer for nearly 40 years. His work has appeared on more than 350 sitcom episodes, including Lavern & Shirley and the Golden Girls.
Thursday, November 5,2015

Give Thanks

Anyone can think of one thing to be thankful for. And, thankfully, most of us have a long list of things. Yet, our culture seems to struggle with gratitude.
Thursday, November 5,2015

The language of self

‘Tribes’ examines the role of effective communication

By Amanda Moutinho
The word tribe has many connotations: family, community, belonging, an entity you’re initiated or born into. But inclusion doesn’t guarantee the perfect fit. Nina Raine explores this concept in her play 'Tribes,' now playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts through Nov. 15.
Thursday, November 5,2015


BETC’s latest production jackknifes

By Gary Zeidner
Like love, sorrow, wonder and joy, loneliness may serve as excellent inspiration for art. Translating that inspiration into a superlative final product, however, is no easy feat. In the context of live theater, it requires the playwright, the director and the actors — among others — to excel individually in order to astound collectively.
Thursday, November 5,2015

Home again

Gábor Takács-Nagy returns to Boulder with the Irish Chamber Orchestra

By Peter Alexander
Gábor Takács-Nagy is coming home. The founding first violinist of CU’s resident Takács Quartet lived in Boulder for six years, 1986–92, until a hand problem forced him to withdraw from playing. He returns to Boulder on Nov. 6 as a conductor, leading the Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO) in a concert of music by Haydn, C. Bach and Bartók.
Thursday, November 5,2015

Viva Yo la Tengo

Consummate indie pioneers embrace history as they forge ahead

By Chris Barr
Ever fantasize about being somebody else or doing something else with your life? James McNew, longtime bassist for indie rock grandees Yo la Tengo, doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about.