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Thursday, February 12,2015

Aetna lifts the national standard for ‘competitive wages’

By Jim Hightower
good. That selfish ethos is what prevails in today’s corporate suites, where it’s claimed that the only responsibility of executives is to maximize profits for the “family” — i.e., themselves and major shareholders. Idiotes are free to stiff workers, sidestep environmental rules, shaft consumers, etc.
Thursday, February 5,2015

In Case You Missed It

By Boulder Weekly Staff
The NY AG’s office did extensive DNA testing of store-brand supplements found on the shelves of Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and GNC and found that 79 percent of the samples tested didn’t have any of the ingredients listed on the label or, at best, also contained ingredients that weren’t listed.
Thursday, February 5,2015

State health report looks at the negatives of cannabis use

By Leland Rucker
“Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana in Colorado: 2014 Changes in Marijuana Use Patterns, Systematic Literature Review, and Possible Marijuana-Related Health Effects” is mandated as part of Senate Bill 13-283, which demanded a health report to be finished at the end of January 2015 and updated every two years.
Thursday, February 5,2015


By Dan Savage
My husband and I are a straight couple in our early 50s, and we’ve been married for more than 30 years. We were raised to wait for sex till we got married — this was back in the early ’80s — and we did. Our wedding night was pretty disappointing since neither of us knew what we were doing.
Thursday, February 5,2015


By Rob Brezsny
was a benefit to raise money for the human rights organization Amnesty International. The musicians known as Sting, Bono and Peter Gabriel later testified that the show was a key factor in igniting their social activism. I see the potential of a comparable stimulus in your near future, Aries.
Thursday, February 5,2015

Sports and wine

A new drinking crowd takes over

By David White
Two of the beer company’s commercials were widely praised. Bud Light’s spot made virtually every viewer hope for an epic evening in a life-sized Pac-Man maze. Budweiser’s tale of a lost puppy finding his way home melted millions of hearts.
Thursday, February 5,2015

Ski Town USA grows up

The culinary scene in Steamboat Springs is evolving

By Hudson Lindenberger
Something special is happening in Steamboat Springs, and it is only starting to gain attention outside the Yampa valley. The iconic mountain town long identified for its champagne powder and a laid-back cowboy lifestyle is undergoing a restaurant renaissance.
Thursday, February 5,2015

Tidbites | Week of Feb. 5, 2015

“If you think about coffee as a crop, it makes sense that the raw, unroasted beans have a peak season of harvest.
Thursday, February 5,2015

Les bon temps

The food and vibe of Lucile’s in Boulder

By Matt Cortina
great Boulder restaurants. It strikes a chord in the community. When we talk about the Boulder location, we talk about the Victorian home just off Pearl Street in which diners cram in to every corner every morning. We talk about the worn fabric rags the silverware comes in, the chicory coffee and the Creole art on the walls.
Thursday, February 5,2015

Don’t let millennials time travel

‘Project Almanac’ can go to hell%u2028

By Ryan Syrek
Man, you know a movie is bad when writing a review for it ruins your who just got into MIT but acts like he sociopathic needs to write a note on his hand reminding him it goes “unzip, then pee.” His dead dad was an inventor who left an unfinished time machine in thetime.