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Wednesday, December 31,2014

Arts | Week of January 1, 2015

First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection..
Wednesday, December 31,2014


Influenced by eclectic and infamous artists such as Duke Ellington, Philip Glass, Charles Mingus, Mary Lou Williams, Billy Strayhorn, Claude Debussy and Bjork, John A. Díaz-Cortés creates an equally eclectic sound with his own music.
Wednesday, December 31,2014


Each year, the Nomad Theater gives five writers a lyric from a song and actors’ headshots early one morning. The writers return just 14 hours later with original scripts written for those actors and based around the song lyric. The next morning the scripts are distributed to crew, directors, choreographers and actors.
Wednesday, December 31,2014


Help support the Longmont ArtWalk and cheer on local musicians at this community celebration — or even get on the mic and share your own music. Songwriting duo The Prairie Scholars will be there to showcase their musical stylings and simultaneously celebrate band member Jessica Eppler’s birthday.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

The tradition lives on at BDT Stage

New name. Same great theatre.

By Gary Zeidner
Boulder’s Dinner Theatre recently changed its name to BDT Stage. With the company now in its 37th season, it’s tempting to poke a little mid-life crisis fun at it over the unexpected new moniker. What’s next, a hair transplant? A gold hoop earring? A cherry-red Corvette and a 23-year-old girlfriend?.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

Time for Three makes time for Boulder

The three-piece string group brings their ‘classically trained garage band’ back to Boulder

By Caitlin Rockett
“[Boulder is] a second home for us for sure,” says Ranaan Meyer, double bassist for the Indiana-based string trio. “The Colorado Music Festival we consider family. We’ve been there four summers, so this will be our fifth appearance that they are presenting us at — there’s history there,” says Meyer.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

YMSB — One Bite at a Time

Dave Johnston talks about Yonder 2.0, New Year’s resolutions and a new album

By Dave Kirby
Banjoist Dave Johnston knows a little about this, as Yonder Mountain String Band found themselves in the position this year of morphing the structure of their much beloved four piece with the departure of mando player and co-founder Jeff Austin in April.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

15 for 15

Upcoming movies worth surviving the holidays to see

By Ryan Syrek
Channing Tatum plays an alien wolfman trying to rescue the queen of the universe (Mila Kunis) while fighting lizard people. I’m in. It’s not an encouraging sign that the studio moved this wacky space opera from July 2014 to February, but Edge of Tomorrow.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

Life like Fritz

Guidebook author Fritz Sperry wants you to go skiing

By Tom Winter
The trail starts at the edge of Frisco and immediately begins to go up. It is cold, but not as cold as it was when I pulled in front of a coffee shop an hour earlier to rendezvous with guidebook author Fritz Sperry. The sun has seen to that, pushing a growing warmth down onto the slopes of Royal Mountain.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

Conserving water, energy and food on campus

A CU Boulder student pushes to examine the effects of trayless dining in campus cafeterias

By April Nowicki
“It’s supposed to save water and save energy, and people also take less food when they don’t have a tray, because they can’t stack it up as much. So you don’t have as much food waste,” says Courtlyn Carpenter, a sophomore who researched trayless dining during her freshman year at the University of Colorado Boulder.