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Thursday, March 5,2015

Cons, vexing

‘Focus’ is irritatingly almost good.

By Ryan Syrek
Despite its title and the fact that Will Smith continually mouth-dumps exposition about how pulling a con requires attention to detail, Focus is hella sloppy. It’s not just that genuinely thrilling “who’s playing who” moments bump up against a holistically unbelievable romantic core, it’s that writers/directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa never decided on the movie’s tone. Lithe and funny until it’s leaden and obtuse, Focus would be pleasantly forgettable were it not for Margot Robbie, who is announced here as a capital letter Movie Star.
Thursday, March 5,2015

The Ballad of Boulder

Boulder called a bubble unsaid who penetrates who Barefeet bleeding apple foraging season Nutrient to believe in Thing that keeps a heart beating When it could go in any direction It comes back here because it wants to You have to leave right now — Matt Clifford.
Thursday, March 5,2015

Theater | Week of March 5, 2015

Ham McBeth — presented by Square Product Theatre..
Thursday, March 5,2015

Words | Week of March 5, 2015

Rust: The Longest War — by Jonathan Waldman..
Thursday, March 5,2015

Arts | Week of March 5, 2015

First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection..
Thursday, March 5,2015


Big changes are coming to the Nomad Theater. Thanks to a $200,000 grant from the State Historical Fund, the Nomad is two-thirds done with their fundraising efforts to benefit and upgrade the theater. March 6 through 8, the Tara Performing Arts High School is putting on a gala to celebrate and edge closer to their final goal of $750,000.
Thursday, March 5,2015


In honor of International Women’s Day, the Laughing Goat is stacking their line up with local girl-powered music in a variety of different styles to please any palate. Start off with Dandelion Seeds, a collaboration of local musicians whose delicate sound is full of soul.
Thursday, March 5,2015


In 2002, three solo musicians were thrown together for what was supposed to be a one-time performance. As fate had it, the chemistry was too ample to ignore, and the ladies went on to form The Wailin’ Jennys. The band started in Canada, but since has expanded their audience throughout the world.
Thursday, March 5,2015

What happens when a son sets out to profile his father?

Documentary reveals the history of far more than a record store

By Elizabeth Miller
The documentary film Old Man is as much a story of a troubled, perhaps marginally dysfunctional family as it is the story of a troubled record store — and, in many ways, a dysfunctional town. The portrait of Boulder is not graceful. It’s a critique of the town’s ability to win both for greatest number of advanced degrees per capita and for high incidence of teen suicide and drug use. That’s the context the film’s director Dan Schneidkraut leans on to make a far more personal story make sense — one that’s about his father, Andy, owner of the Boulder institution Albums on the Hill.
Thursday, March 5,2015

Rare pleasures

Takacs Quartet will play a piece of Beethoven you probably have never heard before

By Peter Alexander
Because it is an elegy, the Beethoven score works well with the final piece on the program, Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden” Quartet, an intense and somber piece that takes its mood and the theme of its slow movement from Schubert’s song of the same name.