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Thursday, July 2,2015

New CMF music director aims to build a relationship with the audience

With the festival under way, Zeitouni can come into his own

By Peter Alexander
Jean-Marie Zeitouni is excited about his entire first season as music director of the Colorado Music Festival (CMF). “I love them all!” he says of the festival concert programs. “These are all concerts that I’m looking forward to. [Over the summer] you have every single genre, and every single period in music. You have solo works, you have chamber music, you have recitals, you have chamber orchestra and big orchestra — everything is covered.”
Thursday, July 2,2015

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Thursday, July 2,2015

Exploring Greenland's Artic trails

Two Boulderites experience one of the world’s most remote treks

By Miriam Murcutt & Richard Starks
With just three days of food, we set off to test out the eastern tip of the Arctic Circle Trail, heading west in bright sunshine along a dirt road that parallels the Kangerlussuaq runway. We then turned north — magnetic north, which at this latitude is more than thirty degrees west of true north — to pass through the bustling metropolis of Kellyville. Kellyville has a stated population of seven, and while we were there (we stopped for a picnic lunch on a plank of wood that served as the town bench), the seven residents must have been out of town. Kellyville is a scientific community set up in 1983 to study the ionosphere and upper atmosphere using incoherent scatter radar.
Thursday, July 2,2015


The U.S. Geological Survey long ago established that fluid injection causes earthquakes by pressurizing and lubricating faults.
Thursday, July 2,2015

Boulder building efficiency

Commitment to EnergySmart makes Boulder a national contender in energy efficiency

By Mollie Putzig
If Boulder was big enough to qualify for the list of largest U.S. cities ranked for energy efficiency, it would knock Denver out of the top 10, coming in at No. 7. On the City Energy Scorecard, released in May by the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy, Boulder outscored Denver by 10 points in building efficiency, earning a total of 69.25 out of 100. Denver came in 10th with 58.5 points.
Thursday, July 2,2015

The state of hate and the impotency and consequences of fighting over the Confederate flag

By Joel Dyer
On June 27, 30-yearold educator and activist Bree Newsome climbed the three-story-high flagpole in front of the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia and pulled down the Confederate battle flag. Her climb was necessitated by the fact the flag was more or less permanently attached to the poll where it flew 24 hours a day with no way of being lowered or flown at half-mast. Until that moment, a piece of cloth with some symbol of the Confederacy had been flying continuously at the South Carolina capitol since 1961.
Thursday, July 2,2015

Two’s company

Tenants in a Boulder housing complex ask the city if requiring multiple renters to be married is discriminatory

By Matt Cortina
Outside a small housing development west of Pearl Street is a sign. The sign welcomes visitors and residents to Knollwood Village and outlines a few rules. The Knollwood Village homeowners association erected it several years ago.
Thursday, July 2,2015


We know older adults want to age in place; and there are benefits. Older adults remain in the community, in the familiarity of their own homes and, hopefully, near family and friends. Family is first to provide care (I did so with my mother) and doing so is often expensive.
Thursday, July 2,2015

Smeared again

By Steve Hendricks
If the mayor of a fishing village decried shark attacks, and the headline in the next day’s paper read, “Mayor opposes fish,” you might think the paper had it in for him. That’s about where Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator running for president, stood with the press after his rally last weekend in Denver, which drew a formidable 5,000 people.
Thursday, July 2,2015

Best environmentalist candidate, Bernie Sanders

By Dave Anderson
Many enviros are thrilled that Bernie Sanders is running for president, according to Bill McKibben, the author/ activist who has been called “probably the nation’s leading environmentalist” by The Boston Globe. McKibben explained: “(Sanders is) a stand-up guy...