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Thursday, September 3,2015

Adventure Calendar

Boulder Cycling Club Ride. 6 p.m. Avery Brewing Company, 4910 Nautilus Court, Boulder. “No Summit Out of Sight” — with author Linda LeBlanc. 6:30 p.m. Boulder Bookstore, 1107 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-447-2074.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Make your own legends

The Adventure Film Festival takes over the Boulder Theater

By Michael J. Casey
With the tagline, “Make your own legends,” the Adventure Film Festival (AFF) boasts a line-up of 30 films of varying lengths, subjects, genres and mediums to give festivalgoers a taste of adventure, a sense of legends in the making and, hopefully, inspiration to go forth and create their own personal stories.
Thursday, September 3,2015


The EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a final ruling at the end of June 2015 to change the definition of WOTUS under the Clean Water Act to include streams and wetlands. The EPA states that roughly 117 million Americans get their drinking water from streams formally unprotected by the Clean Water Act.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Wildfires put the heat on Congress to fund fire suppression

By Sarah Haas
“This year, the United States Forest Service received $1.011 billion for wildfire suppression and as of August 10, we had spent $671 million,” says Jennifer Jones, public affairs specialist from the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Washington Office says.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Sensing trouble

By Angela K. Evans
In the fight against global warming, both carbon dioxide and methane are known greenhouse gases that effectively trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere. Although there is disagreement on which gas contributes more significantly to global warming, experts and scientists across the spectrum conclude that methane ultimately traps heat at a rate of 20 to 100 times greater than carbon dioxide.
Thursday, September 3,2015

A toxic legacy

The Gold King Mine spill is a sobering reminder of the number of abandoned mines in Boulder County

By Caitlin Rockett
For decades after the first gold was found near Gold Hill in 1859, Boulder County endured a boom and bust cycle of mining as veins of minerals were discovered, mined and abandoned. The County is built, quite literally, on gold, silver, lead, tungsten and zinc, minerals that brought droves of settlers to the Front Range in the late 1800s and created a mining industry that still exists today.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Ghost Stories

The ongoing tale of the indestructible Rocky Flats Lounge

By Matt Cortina
It was a Thursday afternoon one year ago this week. The first people to show up at the Lounge were two blonde-haired girls. They wore shirts that said “Rodgers” on the back and talked about Wisconsin. They ordered a pitcher of Leinenkugel to their table and waited for the game to start.
Thursday, September 3,2015


Second, it is possible some motorists have a low opinion of cyclists for some valid reasons. A better relationship could be cultivated if bicycle riders scrupulously followed a few simple practices: (1) ALWAYS obey ALL road rules, especially stop...
Thursday, September 3,2015

Longmont fracking suit: What if Longmont wins?

By Paul Danish
The suit doesn’t get to the broader question of whether the ban is constitutional under the Fifth and 14th Amendments of the U.S.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Scott Walker cuts higher-ed budget

By Jim Hightower
The Wisconsin governor says he should be America’s president because he’s a proven budget whacker who, by gollies, has dressed down teachers, slashed funding for higher education, busted unions and gone after welfare recipients.