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Thursday, July 23,2015

Here’s the twist

The French Twist food truck brings high cuisine to the street

By Matt Cortina
There’s a surprising amount of room onboard Louise. Chef Michael DeBoer and his wife Lori bought the old and deteriorating truck, which had lived a life as the famed Cheese Louise mobile restaurant. It died of having a hole in the floor underneath the driver’s seat, and truck-grade osteoporosis, which caused its support beams to rust to dust.
Thursday, July 23,2015

Brave the new world

‘Tangerine’ breaks the form wide open

By Michael J. Casey
The time has come to rewrite Jean-Luc Godard’s aphorism: “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.” Writer/director/cinematographer Sean Baker doesn’t even need the gun — just two transgender actresses, three iPhone 5s with fancy lenses and East Hollywood at his disposal.
Thursday, July 23,2015

No Wright, still alright

‘Ant-Man’ defies odds by being good%u2028

By Ryan Syrek
Lang tries it on, because that’s what you do when you find a weird suit and mask. He discovers the ability to shrink into ant-size, while retaining vast strength.
Thursday, July 23,2015


What a week on the weep under fix of the cloud And the germ of a worm getting fresh with the shroud It’s the shadow from sable of water table. Curmudgeonly uncle has left us endowed..
Thursday, July 23,2015

listen up!

“[In the beginning] I really had an attitude about not wanting to get better at [playing music] because I had some weird indie rock attitude about [my music] getting in the way of real feelings or something, but I definitely feel like I’m having...
Thursday, July 23,2015

Theater | Week of July 23, 2015

Much Ado About Nothing..
Thursday, July 23,2015

Words | Week of July 23

“So, You’re a Poet” Open Poetry Reading..
Thursday, July 23,2015

Arts | Week of July 23, 2015

Art, 1750 13th St., Boulder, 303-443-2122. Through September 13..
Thursday, July 23,2015


If you find yourself tuning in to marathons of TV shows like Law and Order or Criminal Minds, you’ll want to make your way to the Dickens Opera House for this murder mystery fundraiser hosted by the Longmont Dance Theatre. The mystery at hand is based on the murder of the man who gives the venue its name, W.
Thursday, July 23,2015


Twenty-five years ago a milestone was passed for the disabled community. The Americans with Disabilities Act changed the lives of a lot of people by granting civil rights to people with disabilities, and now the Center for People with Disabilities’ Empowered Adapters Peer Group wants to celebrate.