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Thursday, November 13,2014

What the world needs now is words

Five student poets, chosen as the nation’s best, find poetry can heal wounds and unravel a tangled existence

By Elizabeth Miller
Madeleine LeCesne, from New Orleans, La., says, “Every poem that I write is a kind of wish to be understood by someone. I just want someone to look into my mind and say, ‘I get it, I understand you.’ And to kind of, in a way, feel needed. I needed to read that poem because it made me understand something about myself that I didn’t know before.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Driving to ban drilling

By Paul Danish
But the hypocrisy is beside the point. The real point is that even people who want to ban oil and gas drilling can’t live without it.
Thursday, November 13,2014

LETTERS | Week of November 13

Danish misses the point, the election was bought, and public employees deserve better. Itīs this week in letters.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Reviving the Bush-Cheney torture policy

By Jim Hightower
There’s a new push — ironically coming from the Obama White House — to revive torture as an acceptable practice by the CIA and others for their interrogation of terrorist suspects.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Is the cannabis dialogue out of control?

By Leland Rucker
I had read the stories about the license plates. The profiling of Colorado drivers. Especially when using Interstate 76, the highway that connects Colorado to Interstate 80 in Nebraska.
Thursday, November 6,2014


By Dan Savage
Eight women have now spoken to the press; two have allowed themselves to be named. Ghomeshi claims that he is into BDSM and that all of these encounters were consensual, BAD, but I don’t believe that Ghomeshi is a consensual kinkster.
Thursday, November 6,2014


By Rob Brezsny
turns into an all-powerful talisman,” for example. “A humble pestle and mortar become the winged vehicle of the fairy enchantress,” or a slovenly beggar wearing a dirty donkeyskin transforms into a radiant princess. I foresee metaphorically similar events happening in your life sometime soon, Aries.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Choose your festival

Avery IPA Fest versus Upslope’s Sixth Anniversary

By Josh Gross
But if bitter beer face ain’t yo thang, then you can still beerfest it up this weekend. The upstanding slopers at Upslope are celebrating their sixth year in the brew game, also on Saturday, Nov. 8. From 2–8 p.m.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Glean on me

Boulder Fruit Rescue brings in a bountiful harvest

By Heather Ridge
On every street there seems to be at least one tree laden with branches bowed down with ripening fruit. Sauces, cider, pies and cobblers — it’s been hard for homeowners to use them all and many, overwhelmed with the volume, simply haven’t been able to organize their harvest.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Tidbites | Week of Nov. 6, 2014

The new restaurant will include a dining room for full-service lunch and dinner, a bar with a cocktail menu designed by award-winning mixologist Michael Cerretani, a full butcher shop for fine meats and an allday grab-and-go market for food on the go.