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Thursday, March 19,2015

A story takes flight

Sister trio shares childhood memories in new book

By Devin Blomquist
Whenever the sisters had a problem, whether it be they were afraid of the dark or something had been broken, their grandmother would try to help solve those problems through Mother Eagle stories. A few of their favorite and most memorable childhood tales from their grandmother have become the basis for their new book.
Thursday, March 19,2015

All in the balance

Ani DiFranco says kids brought a balance to her battle for peace and social justice

By L. Kent Wolgamott
“Relationship, family — the last two years of my life has been a lot of family. … Having kids has affected me,” DiFranco said. “It’s not in that classic way — ‘Now I need to worry about the future, environmental apocalypse, whoa, eternal warfare, whoa.’ I was always on that tip.
Thursday, March 19,2015

Dairy Center’s renovations will squeeze Boulder’s performance space options during construction

By Elizabeth Miller
Performing arts companies in Boulder have few options for venues to book within city limits that meet the needs dictated by time, space and cost. Theater companies in town point to The Dairy Center for the Arts as the only real option for a professional production. But with the planned closures of its theatrical performance spaces, the East and the Carson theaters, from January to August 2016, those theater companies won’t just be bumping up against one another trying to fit into limited space for their productions. They’ll be downright homeless.
Thursday, March 19,2015

Alone among a billion

By Elizabeth Miller
He’d gone to music school and continued to play music as a creative outlet while building a career at a software company and supporting a family. Writing didn’t need to be added to the list of things he did with his time, but somehow, it added itself..
Thursday, March 19,2015

Upcoming Events

Following Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman’s five-month, 2,668-mile journey on foot from Mexico to Canada, Thursday’s screening of the film “Only the Essential,” at Neptune Mountaineering, frames their experiences on the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2013.
Thursday, March 19,2015

The everyman ultrarunner

CU grad student runs 12 100-mile races in 12 months

By Taylor Winchell
Greg Salvesen, an astrophysics graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, didn’t compete on his high school track team. His running hobby began in college with a casual exercise routine, generally peaking around eight miles. In 2008, he completed his first half-marathon. After moving to Boulder in 2009, however, Salvesen was quick to discover that there is no reason to stop moving at 13.1 miles, or even close to it.
Thursday, March 19,2015

Old King Coal is sick — but not yet dying

Construction of coal-fired power stations is declining, but the trend is not enough to avert the risk of climate change reaching dangerous levels.

By Alex Kirby
A global investigation into every coal-fired power plant proposed in the last five years shows that only one in three of them has actually been built. Researchers say that for each new plant constructed somewhere in the world, two more have been shelved or cancelled. They say this rate is significantly higher in Europe, South Asia, Latin America and Africa. In India, since 2012, six plants have been cancelled for each one built.
Thursday, March 19,2015


Boulder racism through the eyes of people of color

By Matt Cortina
It’s the Boulder liberal attitude versus the KKK,” says Derrick Jones, a black professor at Naropa living in Boulder. He’s trying to decide what’s worse. “For me, I can respect to a degree someone who identifies as a member of the KKK and is out with their views. It’s a little easier to take in, digest and in some degree respect than to encounter racism denial, because I know what I’m getting. It’s a little harder to accept the racist activity or the perpetuation of a privilege structure from someone who claims to be colorblind or not racist or liberal.”
Thursday, March 19,2015

Happy Sunshine Week: Introducing The Foilies

By Dave Maass
Welcome once again to Sunshine Week! It’s that time of year when journalists, citizen watchdogs, community activists, data wizards, political gadflies, public-records litigators and open-gov fanatics come together to champion the cause of transparency and commiserate over the obstacles we face everyday while chasing sunlight.
Thursday, March 19,2015


In recent weeks, Republicans have embarked upon a desperate campaign of character assassination of President Obama: a senile Rudy Giuliani said President Obama did not love America; Republicans invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress and in the latest affront, Republicans have sent a treasonous letter to Iran.