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Thursday, April 16,2015

Arts | Week of April 16, 2015

First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection..
Thursday, April 16,2015


While most kids spend high school algebra class doodling in their notebooks, some have bigger aspirations for their art than just the margin of their notebook. On April 17, The Dairy is holding its opening ceremony for this year’s exhibit of high school students and art teachers throughout Boulder Valley School District.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Rock Out

Get ready to be wooed. Join singer/songwriter Wendy Woo and her band at the Dickens Opera House on Saturday, April 18 for a CD release party. The new album, Tipping Point, was released by Woo’s independent record label Woo Music, and the independence has allowed her music to grow.
Thursday, April 16,2015


When in nature, if you listen very closely, you can hear the sounds of music arise from the picturesque view. The Boulder Philharmonic and City of Boulder Open Space is taking that a step further by pairing the two. On April 25, the Boulder Philharmonic will play a concert inspired by the imagery of lakes and ponds at Macky Auditorium.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Fighters in the ring

‘One Night in Miami’ invokes a heavyweight conversation on race relations

By Elizabeth Miller
How best do we whittle ourselves into instruments for change? Is it by sharpening our tongues, hardening our fists or sweetening our songs? That’s the question at the heart of One Night in Miami..., which posits the conversations that might have unfolded while boxer Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali, activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke and football player Jim Brown spent the evening of Feb. 25, 1964 together in a hotel room debating the merits of how, or if, the others addressed the issues at hand in the simmering civil rights movement.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Zappa on Zappa

Dweezil Zappa channels his father’s legacy through the guitar strings

By Kyle Eustice
There’s a common misconception that Frank Zappa’s music was closer to Weird Al Yankovic’s than Beethoven’s, but those really in the know understand there’s more sophistication in Zappa’s body of work than one might imagine. Granted, with album titles like Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Weasels Ripped My Flesh, there was a comedic element, but that wasn’t what Frank was entirely about.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ inspires CU production of a Baroque masterpiece

Poppea wants to be empress, and the emperor wants Poppea.

By Peter Alexander
Nero and Poppea were the amoral power couple of 60s A.D. imperial Rome, and they didn’t care who got in their way. They are the subjects of Claudio Monteverdi’s final operatic masterpiece, The Coronation of Poppea, based on Roman history and written in 1653 for the carnival season in Venice.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Grabbing the pie in the sky

The Office of Arts and Culture details plan for cultural improvement

By Amanda Moutinho
Cohen is one of the consultants from the Cultural Planning Group that is working alongside the Office of Arts and Culture to assess the cultural needs of Boulder and how to address them. In the fall, they took to the streets to find out what Boulderites wanted with a series of community outreach events called the Culture Kitchen.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Upcoming Events

With clear water and secluded beaches on one side and interesting archaeological sites and villages on the other, the Greek Islands offer endless avenues for taking the trail less traveled. The Changes in Latitude Travel Store will be hosting an intimate look at all the Greek Islands have to offer on Tuesday, April 21.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Exploring the depths of the unknown

The journey of one ocean explorer to bring a sea of darkness to light

By Devin Blomquist
When world-renowned ocean explorer Robert Ballard undertook a mission to find the wreckage of RMS Titanic, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in April 1912, that story was actually a cover operation. In truth, Ballard says, he was on a series of highly classified military missions to find U.