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Thursday, August 27,2015

Baron of the bizarre

Fifteen books later, Christopher Moore is still up for a challenge

By Amanda Moutinho
Work days can consist of bad coffee and mundane chit chat with coworkers. However, author Christopher Moore doesn’t deal with boring office mates or monotonous stories — his work days are filled with clever banter and fantastical adventures. Granted, it all takes place in his head.
Thursday, August 27,2015

Adventure Calendar

The Making of an Antarctic Science Expedition with Jeffrey Donenfeld..
Thursday, August 27,2015

Cuba at the crossroads

In the wake of new diplomacy, a glimpse of island life at street level

By Elizabeth Wolf with Carolyn Oxley
This was my father’s car, and now it is mine,” says our taxi driver. “And this is my son, and he will start driving it soon, too.” He nods toward the dark-haired boy in the front passenger seat. My 14-year-old son and I are in Cuba in mid- June, rattling in the backseat of a 1950s Buick headed for Central Havana. We’ve brought a rolling suitcase and a backpack stuffed with toothbrushes, pencils and medical disinfectant wipes to distribute — everyday items hard to come by in this island country.
Thursday, August 27,2015


Scientists at North Carolina State University conducted the as-yet unpublished research. They tested 20 rivers and streams throughout North Carolina for contaminants known to disrupt hormones finding 43 of the 135 contaminants they were looking for.
Thursday, August 27,2015

The US and India compete to have the largest solar power field in the world

By Paul Brown
The U.S. Navy is investing in what will be the largest solar farm in the world in order to provide power for 14 of its bases. The climate of Arizona, where the two earlier phases of the Mesquite solar farm are already up and running, provides 300 days of sunshine a year. And the Navy’s deal to extend the farm is the largest purchase of renewable energy ever made by a U.S. federal government agency.
Thursday, August 27,2015

Someone like me

The immigration journey of mother and advocate Jeanette Vizguerra

By Angela K. Evans
Some may call Jeanette Vizguerra an advocate, a leader, a hero. Still others label her illegal. But she identifies herself as a mother — “A mother that loves her children so much and that is going to do anything that is needed to be with them always,” she says, via an interpreter.
Thursday, August 27,2015

Boulder City Council weighs how to tax, regulate short-term housing rentals

By Matt Cortina
On Thursday, Aug. 27, the Boulder City Council will determine the fate of two ordinances that seek to regulate and tax short-term rentals of homes within the city. One ordinance will codify rules and regulations for any Boulder homeowner wishing to rent their home on a short-term basis on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Those regulations could include home inspections and license requirements. The other ordinance would put forth on the November ballot a question to raise about $400,000 through a 7.5 percent tax on these short-term rentals.
Thursday, August 27,2015


Correction: Last week’s Eco-Briefs (August 20), contained an incorrect date in the story titled “Graywater may no longer be used to flush toilets.” The article stated that a stakeholder hearing on graywater would be taking place on August 25. The article should have said that the hearing is taking place on August 28 at 9 a.
Thursday, August 27,2015

Universal health care for Colorado

By Dave Anderson
Colorado may become the first state to establish a universal health care system in the U.S. In July, the Secretary of State certified a proposed initiative for the 2016 ballot that would create a universal cooperative plan called ColoradoCare. They have to collect 99,000 valid signatures by October 16 (they are planning to get 120,000).
Thursday, August 27,2015


By Tom H. Hastings
Todd Matthew Williams was just 51. He suffered from congestive heart failure — at least that’s what we guessed. Despite a life of work — six years in the U.S.