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Thursday, August 20,2015

Wanted: Fifty Boulder voters who think local government matters

By Joel Dyer
There is an election deadline rapidly approaching and the majority of potential city-council candidates for Boulder could use your help. At 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 24, any person running for a city council seat who doesn’t have 25 legal signatures on their “petition of nomination” gets punted to the curb and will not have their names on the ballot for this November’s election. No big deal, right? I mean, how hard can it be to walk around with a clipboard and get 25 registered voters — including friends, family and coworkers — to sign their name to your petition?
Thursday, August 20,2015

ISDS: A corporate cluster bomb to obliterate our sovereignty

By Jim Hightower
The Powers That Be are very unhappy with you and me. They’re also unhappy with senators like Elizabeth Warren, activist groups like Public Citizen, unions like the Communications Workers, and… well, with the majority of us Americans who oppose the establishment’s latest free trade scam.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Savage Love

By Dan Savage
I lost my dad young and I had a bunch of issues growing up. I’m probably gay, I love the idea of light bondage, and I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I feel like I’ve been on a self-discovery thing over the past year and have caught tidbits that bothered me.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Boulder marijuana sales tax revenues on the rise

By Leland Rucker
The City of Boulder released its latest sales and use tax revenue report in July. It compares tax revenues from January to May of 2014 to the same period this year. The numbers show that Boulder is booming. Total sales tax revenue is up an impressive 6 percent from the first five months of last year, with computer-related businesses up 31 percent; Gunbarrel commercial by 20 percent; food stores and downtown Boulder by almost 11 percent each.
Thursday, August 13,2015


An irreverent and not always accurate view of the world

They’re called “vending machines” and apparently you just press a button with letters and numbers on it — no, no, that’s not it. The real beverage robot goes into separate rooms, takes drink orders, and goes to a “bartender” robot that places the requested drink in a cooler.
Thursday, August 13,2015


By Rob Brezsny
Purge such possibilities from your mind. What the Great Balancing Act asks of you is to express what you stand for with great clarity. It invites you to free yourself, as much as you can, from worrying about what people think of you. It encourages you to be shaped less by the expectations of others and more by what you really want.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Classic refreshment

The Pimm’s Cup is a cool sipper

By Noel Phillips
When the stars of the tennis world battled it out on the courts of Wimbledon a few weeks ago, viewers not only be turned their heads left and right following the action on the court, but up and down as well, as gallons upon gallons of Pimm’s No. 1 Cups were thrown back in the stands and at home.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Making a beer run

Shoes and Brews in Longmont brings running and craft beer together

By Grace Boyle
Cheers and clapping come from the road as two eager runners take off in a sprint in the 800-meter road challenge for Shoes and Brews in Longmont. As the two runners loop back and head to the finish line, with Longs Peak looming behind them, owners, bystanders and shoe shoppers are whistling and counting down their time, urging them to the finish line.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Tidbites | Week of August 13, 2015

This year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever; all in honor of that glorious crop we call the peach. Peach pies, cobblers, ice creams, smoothies and more will be available at the festival. About 30,000 pounds of organic peaches from Morton’s Orchards in Palisade will be for sale by the box at four locations throughout the festival.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Experience it

This is not a review of Gold Hill Inn

By Matt Cortina
I cringe when the third course arrives at Gold Hill Inn. I cringe because I realize there’s no way to describe this unique experience without feeling gross and unqualified. You can’t review Gold Hill Inn in the same way you can’t review, say, a whale. You can’t review it because it is unique, earnest and wonderful in a way that cannot be put into words but can only be experienced.