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Thursday, August 13,2015

A portrait of the writers as young men

‘The End of the Tour’ offers both sides of the coin

By Michael J. Casey
David Foster Wallace is an ordinary guy. He reads obsessively, eats junk food en masse, is addicted to watching TV, wonders what it is like when Alanis Morissette eats a bologna sandwich and lives his life with a nagging feeling of emptiness.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Reel meaning

‘The Wolfpack’ is profound%u2028

By Ryan Syrek
Oscar Angulo, a self-aggrandizing religious fanatic, kept his seven children and wife secluded inside an apartment in Manhattan for 14 years. As one of the brother’s explains, sometimes they would go out once a year; some years they wouldn’t go out at all.
Thursday, August 13,2015


If children are our immortality then do we have them so our songs of joy, our dirges will have bodies to bow them breathe them tune them to wind, water and sky?.
Thursday, August 13,2015

Theater | Week of Aug 13, 2015

The Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut St., Boulder, 303-440-7826. Through Aug. 22..
Thursday, August 13,2015

Words | Week of Aug 13, 2015

The Salish Sea — Audrey Delella Benedict and Joseph Gaydos..
Thursday, August 13,2015

Arts | Week of August 13, 2015

Conscious and Unconscious: Subjects of the Real & Surreal..
Thursday, August 13,2015


“Gender Illusion Technician” Ms. Eda Bagel has performed her one-“woman” shows for years both locally in Boulder and frequently in her native Pittsburgh. With her performances, Ms. Bagel returns to the Dairy Center for the Arts with more of her personal brand of humor and talent on stage.
Thursday, August 13,2015


For more than 15 years the Louisville Street Faire has provided Boulder County with a weekend night guaranteed to have live music, plenty of food and a welcoming family friendly environment. The street faire’s final musical act will be Firefall, a Boulder-based band who was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame last season.
Thursday, August 13,2015


Robert Cray has lived a life of the blues, with more than 40 years of experience as a Grammy Award-winning guitarist. A member of the Blues Hall of Fame, Cray has shared the stage and recording booth with rock legends such as Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.
Thursday, August 13,2015

East meets West

‘Terracotta Warriors 3-D’ explores the worlds in between

By Amanda Moutinho
When sitting down for a performance of Terracotta Warriors, things are a little unclear — and that’s not because it’s a full-length Chinese production in the middle of Denver. At first, the stage seems kind of fuzzy, that is until you slide on your 3-D glasses and everything comes into focus.