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Thursday, March 12,2015

Better than ever

A long overdue return to Georgia boys BBQ — even if it hasn’t been that long

By Matt Cortina
We first covered Georgia boys BBQ when they opened in Longmont back in 2011. In two stories over two weeks, Boulder Weekly profiled the two unemployed friends who had recently moved in from Georgia, Matt Alexander and Nick Reckinger, and built a side project of slinging smoked meat in paper bags into one of the most popular barbecue joints in the state seemingly overnight. So I wasn’t going to Georgia boys to highlight the hidden gem. I was going because I got tired of hearing how good it was and, well, seeing is believing.
Thursday, March 12,2015

Diving into a sticky situation

‘Bethlehem’ stands out in the Boulder Jewish Film Festival lineup

By Michael J. Casey
Conflict is the heart of cinema. Conflict drives the plot and draws the audience and practically every movie revolves around it. Yet, only a select few have the audacity to dive into what fuels that conflict and, to borrow a line from The Rules of the Game, understand that “the awful thing about life is this: Everybody has their reasons.”
Thursday, March 12,2015


‘Chappie’ is too weird or not weird enough

By Ryan Syrek
Instead, the plot is nothing but a tired reworking of artificial intelligence clichés. Deon (Dev Patel) is a programmer who helped bring an automated robotic police force to Johannesburg. He wants to take the tech even further, much like the real-world scientists who are undoubtedly hastening our demise at the hands of our future robot overlords.
Thursday, March 12,2015

a coin I am the not-iguana. the gulliver. oh mainly what I do I’m a this. This is poetry. Let us be

hand about all the mess of which is he Mr. Obama when he talks about Islam? is he the Democrat or head of State? Father? Fox? Hen? What’s that sound that bird look like, a engine?.
Thursday, March 12,2015

Theater | Week of March 12, 2015

Stupid F##king Bird — presented by Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company..
Thursday, March 12,2015

Words | Week of March 12, 2015

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour — by Joshua Ferris..
Thursday, March 12,2015

Arts | Week of March 12, 2015

Denver Art Museum, 100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway, Denver, 720-865- 5000. Through March 15..
Thursday, March 12,2015


Another year older, another year... still frozen. The annual festival Frozen Dead Guy Days celebrates everybody’s favorite frozen grandpa Bredo Morstoel, who resides in suspended animation in a shed in Nederland.
Thursday, March 12,2015


Finishing a meaty book such as War and Peace comes with a sense of accomplishment. But if reading more than 560,000 words sounds too long, try something more bite sized. Flash fiction is even briefer than short stories and uses only a handful of words to pack just as mighty a punch as longer literature.
Thursday, March 12,2015


Mozart’s opera Cosi fan tutte, translated as “women are like that,” follows two beautiful sisters and their adventures with men. When it premiered back in 1790, no one lifted an eyebrow at its subject matter, but 19th and 20th century operagoers considered it too vulgar.