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Thursday, July 16,2015


Amid a summer schedule with Mozart-centric performances and Red Rocks gigs with Denver music veterans DeVotchKa, the Colorado Symphony is finding the time to brush up on their wizardry. Slip through Platform 9 ¾ and find yourself among the halls of Hogwarts with this night of music from the soundtrack of the Harry Potter films.
Thursday, July 16,2015

On her own terms

Amy Schumer sets Hollywood in her sights with ‘Trainwreck’

By Michael J. Casey
Amy Schumer is not your average anything by a long shot. The 34-year-old stand-up comic turned TV show writer, director and lead actress is now making her way to the big screen as screenwriter and star in Trainwreck, opening everywhere July 17. The entertainment business is anything but easy or kind, but Schumer is tackling it on her own terms and to quote Charlie Kane, “Those are the only terms anybody every knows.”
Thursday, July 16,2015

The kids are all right

CenterStage offers up a bloody good time

By Gary Zeidner
Reinvention is as American as Edison appropriating Tesla’s work or Donald Trump cloaking himself in the mantle of legitimate presidential candidacy. Hollywood’s current remake/reboot craze illustrates the pivotal place reinvention occupies in the arts, and theatre is no stranger to the concept.
Thursday, July 16,2015

Central City Opera shines bright

The 2015 season opens with a winning production

By Peter Alexander
Colorado’s high-altitude gem, the Central City Opera, opened Saturday night ( July 11) with a winning production of Verdi’s La Traviata. The production, under the direction of John Baril and stage direction by Elise Sandell, runs in repertory through Aug. 8.
Thursday, July 16,2015

High aspirations

How Ansel Adams’ Photos Made America a better place

By Natalia Bayona
If it doesn’t meet my standards, tear them up,” Ansel Adams tells his chief assistant Mary Alinder. It’s 1979, and Alinder sits at a table with a stack of 22 prints of “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico” in Adams’ photography studio in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California and begins to seek out the photographic qualities that merit Adams’ approval. But by the time lunch was called, she hadn’t trashed one.
Thursday, July 16,2015

Wanderer of the wild

World traveler and sportsman John Mattson shares his stories in hopes of a better world

By Natalia Bayona
Floating downstream on the Colorado River between the red limestone walls of Marble Canyon on a makeshift raft, John Mattson spots a big drop. The rushing waves of Badger Creek Rapid are ahead. He and his friends scout the rapid for a clean entry.
Thursday, July 16,2015

The new DDT

Activist Jeffrey Smith teams with rocker Neil Young to warn communities about glyphosate

By Mollie Putzig
It’s sprayed on crops, schoolyards, parking lots and possibly your yard. The World Health Organization says it probably causes cancer. It’s the world’s most-used herbicide and the active ingredient in Roundup: glyphosate.
Thursday, July 16,2015

Oil and grouse

The sage-grouse debate isn’t just about a bird, it’s about saving the West as we know it

By Angela K. Evans
Sandra Goodwin, a private landowner from Boulder, Wyoming, has personally seen the effects of oil and gas development on greater sage-grouse populations near her home. When a gravel mine began hauling an average of 350 semi-truck loads a day on the county road in front of her house, she stopped seeing the birds on her property.