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Thursday, January 26,2012

Almond Blueberry Granola

By Danette Randall
I hope you all were happy with your lowfat baked apple thingymabobby recipe I gave you last week. I hope you are feeling great about yourself, and still have a sweet tooth that is more than satisfied.
Thursday, January 19,2012

Baked Blueberry Cranberry Apples

By Danette Randall
OK people, you asked for it, you got it. No, not a picture of me Tebowing in my kitchen (it really was a request), although I have assumed that position on numerous occasions when a souffle went kaput on me, but that’s beside the point (like I ever really have a point).
Thursday, January 12,2012

Vanilla Sprinkle Cookies

By Danette Randall
Fa la la la freakity la. The holiday season has finally come to a close. Of course, every day is a holiday when you have love in your heart and cookies in your jar. Or wear your heart on your sleeve, and toss your cookies. Either one works for me.
Thursday, January 5,2012

Double Vanilla Cupcakes with a Buttercream Frosting

By Danette Randall
Well, I’m sure you thought, “It’s 2012, the beginning of the year, the time we all try and re-invent ourselves.” I’m also pretty sure you thought I would come out low-fat, gluten-free, no sugar, blah, blah-ing you to death. But nope, not the case. I’m giving you an awesome recipe that is fullon everything.
Thursday, December 8,2011

Spiced Eggnog Cake with Eggnog Frosting

By Danette Randall
The season to indulge, smile, shake hands and kiss babies is upon us. And, of course, ’tis the season to enjoy a libation or two (or four) each and every night. At least that’s how I enjoy the season. Yes, I’m sentimental that way. Champagne, hot buttered rum, spiked — I mean spiced — apple cider, sniff sniff, I’m tearing up as we speak. Brings back family memories of tipsy aunts and sneaking egg nog under the table — memories that really make the holiday season special.
Thursday, December 1,2011

Double Chocolate Candy Cane Brownies

By Danette Randall
Tom Turkey was delicious once again. He never disappoints, and symbolizes the start of the shopping and hoopla frenzy. December is a fun month, a busy month, a slow-the-jingle bell-down-you-are-going-too-fast month. Which means we need a fun, simple fa-la-laddity-la treat to ring in the festivities.
Thursday, November 24,2011

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie in a Chocolate Crust

By Danette Randall
Oh Thanksgiving, you are such a lovely holiday. With your beautiful earthy, dark colors (which look fantastic on me, by the way) and the absence of gifts, and gift cards, and going broke, and, well … truth be told, I love all those things, but nice to have a holiday all about gatherings, football and, of course, food.
Thursday, November 17,2011

Toasted Pecan Pie

By Danette Randall
So, I would like to comment on the flood (OK, more a drizzle than a flood) of remarks I got from last week’s rustic cheddar and apple pie. Who knew it would gross so many of you out. Seriously?
Wednesday, November 9,2011

Rustic Apple and Cheddar Pie

By Danette Randall
Pumpkin recipes are done for now (until I change my mind, of course). We had a lot of fun though, didn’t we? I’m still in the pumpkin mood, but time to move along and give you fine people something new.
Thursday, November 3,2011

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Danette Randall
November, you really snuck up on me. I love you for oh so many reasons, but none more than the gobble in my wobble this time of year.