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Thursday, April 15,2010

Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Cupcakes

By Danette Randall
While these aren't the lightest cupcakes you will ever eat, I know you will be happy with the outcome. They are a sturdy, portable treat, so packing them up for a picnic or barbeque works wonderfully. And I'm sure everyone's top two priorities when whipping up a sweet treat are sturdy and portable.
Thursday, April 8,2010

Gluten-free almond butter blondies

By Danette Randall
This isn't just any glutenfree dessert, this is Boulder's own Elana Amsterdam's gluten-free dessert. She really has taken it to a whole new level. Her desserts, as well as most of her recipes, are creative, delicious and surprisingly simple..
Thursday, April 1,2010

Lemon coconut Easter basket cake

By Danette Randall
Oh Spring, you are such a tease. Warm one day, snowing the next. Almost as bad as those pesky hollow bunnies this time of year. You know that feeling: you get your taste buds prepared for a delicious mouth full of chocolate, only to have your teeth clamp together in pain and bits of chocolate buny crumble all over your favorite shirt.
Thursday, March 25,2010

Gingerbread Star Cookies

By Danette Randall
So not only am I providing you with delectable goodies, I also am providing the opportunity for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to mysteriously fill your soul and have you singing and dancing all the live-long day, I know it worked on me. Of course, it might be the Jagermeister I drank while baking the Gingerbread Star Cookies magical indeed.
Thursday, March 18,2010

Dark Chocolate Irish Cream Brownies

By Danette Randall
Sometimes I just break out into the brownie song. Bet you didn't even know they had their own song. Well, I made it up, but it is spreading like wildfire. I'm sure The Fray will be contacting me any day now just for a chance to record it, or maybe they will just want desserts.
Tuesday, March 9,2010

Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

By Danette Randall
Oh Boulder, how I love you, but this week I'm in Malibu, and I must say … a person could get used to this. I'm here for a little bit of Dessert Diva work and a whole lot of Dessert Diva play — they tend to be one and the same most days of the week, and I'll take it.
Thursday, March 4,2010

Blueberry Sweet Cake

By Danette Randall
Oh March, it seems like forever since we last rendezvoused. I know you are reliably snowy, but you bring me spring, and so I, in turn, dedicate this dessert to you: Blueberry Sweet Cake.
Thursday, February 25,2010

Fresh Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Drizzle

By Danette Randall
Maybe it has something to do with longing for summer (OK, I’ll take spring at this point), but I always find myself rocking the strawberry recipes in February. I guess due to Valentine’s Day, strawberries are in abundance at most grocery stores.
Thursday, February 18,2010

Rustic Apple Tart with Cinnamon Scotch Whipped Cream

By Danette Randall
Is it wrong to use words like yummy, yummers, nummers and the oh-so-widely-used phrase “yummers in the tummers”? I know this question is probably one posed to you on a daily basis, but I thought one more time wouldn’t kill ya. What do you use to express your innermost dessert desires? I seem to fall back on the “Mmm, it melts in your mouth” phrase.
Thursday, February 11,2010

Chocolate Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

By Danette Randall
I promise this won’t be a Valentine’s Day column full of lovey-dovey shizz. Of course, I personally don’t mind much, but everywhere I look there are anti-Valentine’s Day dinners, parties, happy hours, etc. It makes me laugh. I don’t know why, it just gets me every time.