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Monday, November 19,2012

Losing 4 of 4 gay marriage ballot issues won't deter NOM

Opponents of gay marriage have finally had to swallow a few bitter pills. Their perfect record is now broken, and in pretty forceful fashion: Gay marriage or civil union ballot measures were approved in four out of four states this election.
Wednesday, November 14,2012

Pelosi to remain Democratic leader of House

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, has announced she will run again for the minority leader position in the House of Representatives, and it appears nobody will oppose her.
Wednesday, November 14,2012

Disappearing Romney: Tracking Facebook 'unlikes' for former candidate

They only liked him for his candidacy.
Friday, November 9,2012

The five conservatives who won the election for Obama

This isn't the first election, and it won't be the last, in which the public voted against somebody as much as it voted for the other guy.
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Elections are today: Get your predictions and results here

Today's Election Day across the country, and besides the obvious presidential contest there are dozens of very interesting races to follow.
Monday, November 5,2012

Don't think voter suppression is a problem? Have we got a roundup for you

You've gotta fight for your right, that's for certain.
Friday, November 2,2012

By not disclosing Delphi investment, Romney may have broken law

When Mitt Romney made millions off investments in companies that benefited from the government bailout, he wasn't breaking the law.
Monday, October 29,2012

Romney last year: Feds 'cannot afford' FEMA

There's a storm comin'. New York City has already made plans to shut down its public transportation as Hurricane Sandy barrels down on land and a winter storm forms in the north, possibly creating the perfect-yet-silly "Frankenstorm."
Wednesday, October 24,2012

Senate candidate from Indiana: Rape is God's will

Another Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate has attempted to minimize rape.
Monday, October 22,2012

10 questions of law the candidates should face in tonight's debate

Tonight's debate, the third and final between President Barack Obama and his challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney, will focus on foreign policy.