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Wednesday, October 17,2012

The spin: Obama comes out on top in second debate

Tuesday's town hall-style debate at Hofstra University showed a much stronger, more aggressive President Barack Obama facing an equally strident Gov. Mitt Romney.
Tuesday, October 16,2012

Eliot Spitzer: What are the Koch brothers talking about?

Outrage was the general reaction last week when David Siegel, a prominent Republican, sent a letter to his employees telling them some of them would lose their jobs if President Barack Obama was re-elected.
Wednesday, October 10,2012

Romney announces he's pro-life — when he's not pro-choice

It's the trick these days: If you're polling poorly among women, as Republican candidate Mitt Romney is, act like you give a shit about women's issues.
Tuesday, October 9,2012

Low religious involvement in new poll: What does it mean?

A new Pew Research poll says Americans are less religiously involved than ever: 20 percent are not affiliated with a particular religious institution.
Tuesday, October 9,2012

Romney's recent foreign policy speech was his falsest yet

Republican Mitt Romney has told a few whoppers in his day — his day being the last few months of campaigning.
Monday, October 8,2012

How bankrupt American Airlines became the worst airline in the world

It's become easier and easier over the years for management to play hardball against employees and unions.
Monday, October 8,2012

Gallup: Romney even with Obama after debate

The first of three presidential debates between Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama shook up the polls quite visibly, polling organization Gallup says.
Friday, October 5,2012

September unemployment figures spur conservative trutherism

Did President Barack Obama fake the figures?
Tuesday, October 2,2012

Elway endorses Romney, to no one's surprise

Basketball legend Charles Barkley once told a story about his mother confronting him about supporting Republicans.
Monday, October 1,2012

Why is anti-Semitism illegal and Islamophobia not in Europe?

We all know that the recent YouTube trailer The Innocence of Muslims and the repeated publishing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad are tests of free speech.