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Wednesday, September 26,2012

Presidential debates: 10 questions Lehrer should ask

The performances of President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney in the upcoming debates will be previewed to death and then dissected to second death. But what about the performance of the debate moderator?
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Global bacon shortage imminent, British group says

If you have a secret soft spot in your heart for bacon cheeseburgers, it might be time to modify. Might we suggest avocado, or brie, or poblano peppers? Or anything not made from a pig?
Monday, September 24,2012

Obama: Romney still hiding truth about his taxes

How can you criticize people for not paying taxes if you're not willing to release your own?
Friday, September 21,2012

'The Innocence of Muslims' shines light on free speech, social media issues

'The Innocence of Muslims' is 14 minutes that has changed the world.
Wednesday, September 19,2012

French paper defies Muslim protests, prints Muhammed drawings

A French weekly paper has published new cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed in provocative poses, potentially adding fuel to anti-West anger among Muslims in Africa and Asia.
Tuesday, September 18,2012

Historian: Scrap of scripture refers to Jesus...and his wife

A fourth-century scrap of papyrus makes reference to a wife of Jesus Christ, a concept unheard-of in Christianity that could, if authenticated, have massive effects on the faith.
Tuesday, September 18,2012

Did Ward Churchill verdict kill free speech at universities?

The Colorado Supreme Court's decision to reject Ward Churchill's appeal could signal a dark day for the Bill of Rights, says Wendy Kaminer for The Atlantic.
Tuesday, September 18,2012

Romney's rant on Obama voters: Is he in the 47 percent?

In a secretly recorded lecture to supporters, Republican candidate Mitt Romney is seen complaining that 47 percent of the population will vote for Obama because they're "dependent upon government."
Monday, September 17,2012

Romney's stumbling, bumbling campaign

Why exactly has President Barack Obama moved out to a lead against GOP challenger Mitt Romney?
Thursday, September 13,2012

Occupy Monsanto protests shut down Monsanto distribution center

A protest against seed giant Monsanto successfully shut down the company's seed distribution center in Oxnard, Calif. for six hours, causing delays in shipments in protest of genetically modified organisms.