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Wednesday, August 29,2012

NJ Gov. Chris Christie: What went wrong in RNC speech

The reviews are mixed, to say the least, for the keynote speech given by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the Republican National Convention Tuesday.
Wednesday, August 29,2012

GOP convention attendees ejected after harassing black camerawoman

Two attendees at the Republican National Convention were tossed from the Tampa Bay Times Forum after an apparently racist incident directed at a CNN camerawoman.
Tuesday, August 28,2012

In Ohio, fracking inches forward

Forest service chooses not to rewrite management plan

In central Ohio, the Wayne National Forest is becoming yet another staging ground for a fight over fracking, as Wayne Forest Supervisor Anne Carey decided not to rewrite the plan for the management of the forest and prevent hydraulic fracturing in the area.
Monday, August 27,2012

Was would-be Obama assassin a Republican convention page?

On the heels of a failed plot to assassinate President Barack Obama, it appears one of the would-be killers attended the 2008 Republican National Convention as a page.
Monday, August 27,2012

Romney painting Obama as anti-American? No way!

Poor old Mitt. At every turn in the Republican's presidential campaign, liberals have taken offense at his comments that supposedly paint Barack Obama as a foreigner who doesn't understand America, know how to be an American, doesn't share our values and doesn't appreciate the Anglo-Saxon heritage of the U.S.
Friday, August 24,2012

AP reports Romney campaign uses secret data mining to find donors

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has employed a secretive service to track down potential wealthy donors, the Associated Press is reporting.
Wednesday, August 22,2012

Washington GOP candidate to reporter: 'F--- yourself'

Irritated by Todd Akin question, candidate

Mike Baumgartner, a state senator in Washington running against Democratic incumbent Maria Cantwell for the U.S. Senate, grew frustrated with Seattle blogger Josh Feit's questions about Akin and the related issue of abortion.
Wednesday, August 22,2012

See bills that Joe Biden, Paul Ryan voted together on

VP, VP candidate agreed on 52 laws

A quick look at the voting records of their two running mates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, illustrates that the two parties aren't always very different.
Tuesday, August 21,2012

Beer enthusiasts push to see Obama's recipe

'White House Honey Ale' travels with President on campaign trail

Homebrewers can proudly count among their ranks the world's most powerful man. But while President Barack Obama brews his White House Honey Ale in the White House, using honey from wife Michelle's beehive in the White House garden, there's just one problem for enthusiasts: Obama's mum on the recipe.
Tuesday, August 21,2012

CNN's Piers Morgan interviews Rep. Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin's empty chair

Embattled Senate candidate a no-show for prime-time interview

CNN host Piers Morgan wasn't happy with Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), the candidate for U.S. Senate whose "legitimate rape" comment ignited a firestorm of controversy, after Akin skipped an interview on Morgan's show.