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Tuesday, February 4,2014

Obama to speed up broadband to schools plan

Goal is to reach 20 million students in two years

By Josh Gross
The LA Times is reporting that President Obama will announce a plan today to speed up ConnectED, a program that is working to expand broadband access to schools.
Monday, February 3,2014

Difference in U.S. and Canadian gun laws in contrast

Man with legal gun makes wrong turn, finds himself at risk of jail

By Josh Gross
The LA Times published a story today of a man that took a wrong turn in Vermont, and found himself at a Canadian border crossing with a legally-held handgun that landed him in jail.
Wednesday, January 29,2014

Last night's State of the Union in two and a half minutes

Speech too long? Here's the highlight reel

By Josh Gross
President Obama gave the annual State of the Union speech last night. Here's the highlight reel.
Friday, January 24,2014

Will business in Colorado turn into Survivor?

Proposed amendment would allow citizens to vote out businesses

By Josh Gross
A proposed amendment to the Colorado constitution could turn the state into one giant episode of Survivor, allowing locals to vote out any for-profit business they don't like.
Wednesday, January 22,2014

Supreme Court to hear case that could cripple labor unions

"Right to Work" boosters reach high court

By Josh Gross
The LA Times is reporting that The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case this week that has the potential to cripple labor unions.
Tuesday, January 21,2014

Worst bobsled ever

Russians build tandem toilets for Sochi Olympics

By Josh Gross
A BBC reporter doing advance work for the upcoming Sochi Olympics sent out this tweet of a curious bathroom fixture he found.  We're not sure if this is a way for Russia to spy on Olympics-go
Monday, January 20,2014

Preventable disease showcased in new map

Tracks locations of vaccine-preventable outbreaks

By Josh Gross
A new interactive map from the Council on Foreign Relations pinpoints outbreaks of diseases that can be prevented with vaccines. Diseases once thought functionally eradicated like mumps and who
Friday, January 17,2014

Obama announces changes to NSA surveillance

Will end program "as it exists"

By Josh Gross
Starting out by evoking the intelligence work done by Paul Revere and it being instrumental to the formation of our nation, President Obama gave a speech this morning announcing changes to the controv
Wednesday, January 15,2014

New report finds piracy at a 6-year low

Forty percent drop since 2011

By Josh Gross
A new report from the International Maritime Bureau found that piracy is at a six-year low. From the report... Piracy at sea has reached its lowest levels in six years, with 264 attacks
Wednesday, January 15,2014

NSA spying on computers not connected to internet

Implanted software broadcasts data on radio

By Josh Gross
The New York Times is reporting that the NSA has used software it implanted in nearly 100,000 computers to spy on their data, or create the opportunity for cyberattacks even if they computers are not