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Tuesday, January 14,2014

Mexico working to disarm vigilante groups

Interior Minister wants them to join the police

By Josh Gross
The BBC is reporting that the Mexican Army has started disarming local vigilante groups that formed to drive out members of drag cartels in Michoacan state. From the article... "
Monday, January 13,2014

Contents of Whitey Bulger's apartment set to be auctioned

Buy convicted mobster's toaster to benefit his victims

By Josh Gross
  The New York Times is reporting that the contents of the apartment belonging to convicted mobster and the inspiration for the Martin Scorcese film, The Departed, are going to be auctioned of
Friday, January 10,2014

Contractor that bungled HealthCare.gov let go

CGI Federal replaced with Accenture

By Josh Gross
The Washington Post is reporting that the federal government is replacing CGI Federal, the contractor hired to build the problematic HealthCare.gov website. From the article... "Fede
Wednesday, January 8,2014

Vatican seeks new exorcists

Supply of trained pros small and aging

By Josh Gross
Though recent statements and actions by Pope Francis might give the impression that The Vatican is evolving, it's apparently not across the board, as, according to The Daily Beast, The Vatican is cur
Tuesday, January 7,2014

High Times magazine launches private equity fund

Will invest in pot businesses

High Times magazine is launching a private equity fund that will be used to invest in marijuana businesses that aren't likely to get Small Business Administration loans.
Tuesday, December 31,2013

Last three Uighers released from Guantanamo

Members of Chinese ethnic minority resettled in Slovakia

By Josh Gross
  The BBC is reporting that the U.S. has released the final three ethnic Uighur Chinese nationals that were being detained in the Guantanamo detention facility in Cuba. None of the three we
Friday, December 20,2013

Gay Marriage is Coming to Utah

Judge Strikes Down Ban as Unconstitutional

By Josh Gross
The Salt Lake City Tribune is reporting that Robert J. Shelby, a U.S. District Court federal judge has struck down the state's ban on gay marriage, saying it violates the U.S. Constitution, specifica
Friday, December 20,2013

Study Finds Most U.S. Chicken Contaminated

Even Organic Brands Test Dirty

By Josh Gross
  A new study conducted by Consumer Reports found that most U.S. chicken, even organic brands, was contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria. From the report... "More tha
Wednesday, December 18,2013

Russia Likely to Free Members of Pussy Riot

Amnesty May Also Free Members of Greenpeace

By Josh Gross
The New York Times is reporting that an amnesty proposed by Russian President Vladamir Putin and passed by Russia's lower house of parliament appears likely to free two members of Russian punk collec
Tuesday, December 17,2013

Doomsayer Harold Camping dead at 92

Repeatedly wrongly predicted the apocalypse

By Josh Gross
Numerous media outlets are reporting that civil engineer, self-proclaimed Bible scholar and Boulder native, Harold Camping has died at 92.  From an article in The Washington Post...